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Monday, January 25, 2010

Breaking news #2 from Spaceport Adana

Breaking News!
An exclusive follow up of the tragic death of Nova Meridian
Eye witness report by the Adana Observer’s newest reporter, Zoe Barberossa.

Viewers I’m speaking with San Yung, a participant in the investigation that has become known as the Adana Affair. As the suspect …. we’ll call her Morte to disguise her real name … is still in custody awaiting trial we cannot go into details of the charges against her as it may jeopardize the case so some audio has been deleted on legal advice for which we apologize.
“San, thank you for speaking with me.”
“My pleasure, Zoe. I watch the Adana Observer all the time.”
“You were instrumental, I believe, in the investigation that led to the arrest of the suspected murderer we’ll call Morte?”
“Well, I helped a little, I guess.”
“Can you describe what happened?”
“Well, when Nova was murdered … I worked the room next to hers.”
“You were a pleasure worker with Nova at the bordello known as Homage to Priapis?”
“Yes, that’s right. I’ve gone freelance since.”
“I see. What did you do after Nova was murdered?”
“I saw Fyche Barberossa’s report on the Adana Observer, and I didn’t feel safe.”
“Why didn’t you go to the authorities? Why didn’t you go to Port Security?”
“Well, there’s no protection there, is there? I mean, they’re pretty useless if you ask me. Especially for someone like me, a pleasure worker. They don’t care about us at all. We’re just dirt to them. That’s the way they treat us … except when they want some pleasure for themselves, then they are all over us like a Thebian rash. Notice it wasn’t Port Security that solved the case, it was Fyche and Peri Barberossa. Bloody useless are Port Security.”
“Why a reporter? Why Fyche Barberossa?”
“He just looked like someone you can trust and I went to him because he said in his report that he thought Nova was murdered on …
and not by a …
because the Priapis electronic security was …
Port security just thought it was a…
… that did what he did to poor Nova. Shows you what good they are. Fyche thought different and I … I don’t know, he looked … he was so kind and he said he’d protect me.”
“What happened next?”
“Well I took him back to Priapis and introduced him to …um … Morte.”
“He was looking for this guy called Jyker, showed me a picture, and I recognized him. He …
….me to …
>>> in a bondage threesome we were having when I was working on …
… He liked …
… with a cane and because … Morte … specializes in Femdom, that’s female domination, I figured she’d know where Fyche could find him.”
“Why was Fyche looking for this Jyker fellow?”
“He said he was working on another story besides what happened to Nova.”
“What happened next?”
“She told him about the BDSM parlor, $Your Pain is Our Pleasure$, on level seven. It’s the largest and most famous in Adana. Fyche went there … um … later.”
“I see. Go on.”
“He found ……
… there and then
… turned up and…”
“… Peri Barberossa helped. It was lucky they weren’t all…”
“Do you have any idea who this Jyker character is?”
“Fyche never told me.”
“You are a witness for the prosecution, I believe.”
“They told me not to leave Spaceport Adana until after the trial. They recorded my sworn testimony already, under hypnosis as they do, with the defense lawyer cross examining me … so there’s no point in anyone murdering me before the trial. That’s why I agreed to talk to you. But they still require me to be here, don’t know why. I had a job lined up on Lisper Minor, but had to let that go. They don’t care. They wouldn’t compensate me for loss of earnings, either. Bastards. Though I’m glad, in a way. Because I’d like to run into Fyche again and help him, like I did before …um … with … um … his inquiries.”
“Thank you San, I appreciate your time.”
“My pleasure, Zoe.”
This is Zoe Barberossa, signing off from the Adana Observer.
The Adana Observer, for all your news.
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Peri and Holly’s adventures can be found at Changeling press:
here’s a taste…
The Adana Affair outline:
Breaking News: Who killed Nova Meridian?
The savage murder of a pleasure worker rocks the corridors of Spaceport Adana.
Peri Barbarossa and Fyche, her faithful AI, answer a call from her sister Holly to get to Adana post haste! When they arrive, they find Holly gone and a case of mistaken identity allows Peri to make a big impression on the enigmatic private eye, Silas Archimedes, who finds that Holly’s sister is even more trouble than the ace reporter herself.
While Fyche discovers the joy of human sex, Holly’s old nemesis, Mischa, reaches out with her long and vicious right arm.
Stay tuned for further carnal developments in The Adana Affair, a Peri Barbarossa Spaceport adventure.

Erotic excerpt from The Adana Affair…


I hate saying goodbye, especially to an artful lover.
All good things must come to an end, they say, but never before a farewell fuck!
Laz, my Cannis Confederacy warrior turned diplomat, a man whom I’d saved from certain death, had always been destined to leave me for a greater duty.
“I must,” he said that last morning. “My honor leaves me no other choice.”
“I know, darling,” I whispered, my eyes wet, my lips quivering. I don’t think I’d ever experienced so much happiness in my life than during the last few weeks. Perhaps it was because I knew it must end that I was able to abandon myself to the bliss of total surrender. To be able, for the first time, to fully submerge myself in another person without fear, because I knew, without doubt, it would end.
For all of that, the ending was painful beyond my experience.
We were aboard my ship, the Jalapeño, in orbit around the galactic capital, the center of the Alliance, or Empire, or whatever you wanted to call the regime. It was a sparkling icon of civilization and a more deadly nest of vipers could not be imagined. I was glad to be leaving it, though I was apprehensive for Laz. He was still a naïve warrior from the sticks and would be easy prey to the sophisticates of the planet-wide city. I’d tried to educate him in the ways of “civilized” people, but it was a hopeless task. He was a country boy at heart. That was his charm, I guess.
“You’ll be beating women, $and men$, off with a stick,” I warned him. “Just be careful who you take into your bed. Be suspicious of their motives. Protect yourself.”
He had smiled at me indulgently, confident in his ignorance, and I knew he’d have to learn for himself, as I had done when I had first ventured out alone.
The time had come. His bags were packed.
It was still early, and he was still naked in all his gorgeous manliness. He gazed at me with his deep brown eyes, their inner light pulsing with lust, his craggily sculpted face holding an expression caught between sadness and desire. I reached out and touched his shoulder and caressed the deep gold of his tan.
“Come back to bed,” I whispered, and pulled him down onto the pale lilac of my Nell Pozniac sheets. He lowered his muscular body, the result of a hard upbringing, down onto me, enveloping me with his warm masculinity.
His lips claimed mine with unexpected ferocity, and I responded with despair fueled passion. We clung to each other as we fell into a deep abyss of sensuality. In synchrony with our wrestling tongues, our hands explored every millimeter of each other’s bodies, knowing this will be the last time we would ever love.
Leaving my numb lips, Laz allowed his tongue to find my throat, the cleavage between my breasts and the aching nipples at their points. I tugged at his hips to swing his body around so I could take his stiff cock into my mouth. He straddled my face and then applied his mouth to the sultry juncture of my thighs. My pussy was wet and open, and his tongue circled my clit with broad forceful sweeps.
I raised my pelvis to thrust my sex against his lips. He responded by …..


Mikala Ash
The Cannis Affair, The Adana Affair, The Supernova Affair and coming soon from Changeling Press: The Erogenous Affair.


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