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Monday, January 25, 2010

Breaking news from Spaceport Adana

Breaking News!
Direct from the flight deck of the Olympus.
Eye witness report by the Adana Observer’s newest reporter, Zoe Barberossa.

This is Zoe Barberossa standing in for Holly and reporting the news for the Adana Observer. As you can see viewers, I’m on the flight deck of the Navy’s Ninth Fleet Flagship, the Olympus. We’ve all been absolutely thrilled by the daring display of astrobatics by the navy’s famous Flyboys put on for the Navy Day celebrations. The Fylboys have just returned to the hanger and I’ve been given permission by the Admiral to speak to one of his top fighter pilots.
“Hi there, Lieutenant Kelso, I’m Zoe Barberossa from the Adana Observer.”
“Pleasure to meet you ma’am, but you can call me Kel.”
“Where do you hail from, Kel?”
“Scalion, ma’am. It’s a small agricultural planet on the periphery. It’s a pretty planet and worth a visit.”
“Are there many Scalion navy pilots?”
“No, ma’am. I’m the only one.”
“Those astrobatics you and your comrades just performed, are they as dangerous as they look?”
“Only if you don’t do them properly, Ma’am. They are combat maneuvers, so we know them pretty well.”
“Speaking of combat, have you seen any?”
“Plenty ma’am. My flight alone has had twenty three successful engagements this last six months.”
“An impressive record. When you say successful, what do you mean?”
“Detaining pirates, smugglers and slavers, ma’am.”
“Do they resist being detained?”
“Rarely, ma’am. The ones that fight back don’t survive. Word gets around.”
“Despite your obvious success, the navy has come into a bit of criticism recently for the rising piracy rate. What’s happening out there?”
“It’s a big galaxy, ma’am. We can’t be everywhere and when we do arrive on the scene, the bad guys leave PDQ, but we catch enough to make a difference. So much they are getting desperate and have shifted their operations away from the major trade routes. We’ll get ‘em all eventually.”
“Here’s hoping you do. Do you have any words of advice for aspiring pilots out there watching who might want a career in the navy?”
“If I may ma’am, you said your name was Zoe Barberossa?”
“That’s right.”
“I wonder if you know Peri Barberossa.”
“I do.”
“Could you pass a message of gratitude for me to Peri?”
“I will certainly.”
“She gave me some very good advice, ma’am. She told me that to be a success you have to be true to yourself, that to change just so you can be one of the crowd is the road to mediocrity. To excel is to be different. To anyone wanting to be a pilot, or anything of importance out there, I’d say take Peri’s advice, like I did.”
“I’ll pass that on, Kel.”
“I see the Admiral wants me, so I must go.”
“Thank you for your time, Kel.”
“My pleasure, ma’am.”
“As you can see, viewers, not only are the recruiting posters true, pilots are really hunks, but their ranks are open to anyone of ability, regardless of their social background or planet of origin and if I was a pirate or slaver, I’d be pretty worried that people of Kel’s caliber are on my tail. That’s all from the flight deck of the Olympus on Navy Day. This is Zoe Barberossa signing off for the Adana Observer.”
The Adana Observer, for all your news.
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