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Friday, October 06, 2006

Mikala's Tiny Tease; Installment One

Mikala’s Tiny Tease.

Evac from Lusty Seven
By Mikala Ash
© 2006

A Sci-Fi erotic serial for the readers of Mikala’s Missives.

Installment One

I awoke from an erotic dream to find Katja’s head in my lap.
She was being vigorously fucked from behind by weapons specialist, PFC Robson, who had one meaty hand clasped over her bony hip and the other holding her blonde pony tail.
He tugged on her hair and lifted her face so that her eyes were level with the swell of my breasts. My nipples were erect, painfully so, pushing against the rough material of my general issue t-shirt. She flicked out her tongue but missed.
“Come on, Mason,” she urged in-between Robson’s solid thrusts. “Join us.”
The interrupted dream had left my pussy swollen and wet, so I was tempted. Robson’s commitment to his task was impressive as evidenced by the loud wet slaps of his groin against her ass cheeks. Drops of sweat ran down his face and dripped off his chin onto Katja’s bare back.
I licked my lips imagining the taste of salt.
I glanced at the ladder to the observation dome.
“The Colonel won’t mind,” Katja said between grunts.
The Colonel won’t mind. I wondered. Would he care if I got some physical relief from the obviously adept and willing private?
The private in question tugged on Katja's hair and in reply to his unspoken command she started rocking backwards, fucking him now. She reached out a hand and gripped my thigh for balance.
Her fingers were slick with sweat and her hand slipped on my naked flesh. She tried again and grabbed the hem of my shorts.
“He’s really very good,” she gasped.
My pussy pulsed in sympathy with the rhythm of Katja’s fucking. Robson’s eyes were fixed on my face, inviting me to share his bounty. He was handsome in a boyish, buffed up sort of way. He was prime meat, as the grunts called themselves. Broad chest with solid well defined pectorals and a washboard stomach you could crack a coconut on. He had the lot; tree trunk thighs, a tiny butt and strong arms that would really hold a woman the way she wants to be held.
I glanced at the ladder again. The observation dome was silent. Surely the Colonel could hear what was going on. He probably thought I was fucking the weapons specialist PFC Red Robson for all I was worth. Yet he didn’t look to confirm. I wondered about that.
I checked my watch. Our break was half over and in no time I’d be outside the habitat, crawling waist deep in the slimy jungle, keeping watch while we waited for evac from this godforsaken planet.
Katja had closed her eyes. Her orgasm was building. She clenched her fist, pinching my thigh. I hardly felt her. I reached out and cupped her face in my hand, feeling her body shudder with every bone jarring thrust.
She kissed my palm, licking the sweat off my skin and then her face contorted in the agony of release.
I caressed her cheek as she convulsed in a second orgasm and then a third. Robson was relentless. He wouldn’t stop his carnal onslaught until she fell off the shaft of his cock exhausted and completely satiated.
As Katja came and came again he kept his gaze on me. He didn’t smile. He wore the expression of a marine with only one mission on his mind; to get my cunt wrapped around his cock. My pussy pulsed and I looked again to the ladder.
What harm could it do?

To be continued.
© 2006 Mikala Ash


Blogger Lexxie said...

Oooooooh, Mikala. Very nice. What a tiny tease!!!

4:17 AM  
Blogger Mikala Ash said...

Ta Lexxie.

I hope everyone will enjoy it


6:02 AM  
Blogger Robin49 said...

I say ya "what harm could it do" That was very hot!

2:07 AM  
Blogger Mikala Ash said...

why thank you Robin.

Glad you enjoyed it.


4:17 AM  

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