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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

4 Angels for Eden's Reprise from Fallen Angel Reviews

Excerpt of the review from Elizabeth at Fallen Angel Reviews

The attraction between Shaz and Dex sizzles from the start and soon proves irresistible. Will catching the felon fall by the wayside to their sexual exploits?

Mikala Ash's Eden's Reprise is a well told novella with heat and plot twists you don't see coming. This short story is rather delightful, and fairly unusual. I haven't previously come across a nudist colony as the location for a story, and have found myself fairly intrigued by this aspect of Eden's Reprise, though not at all tempted to either visit or work at a nudist encampment myself. The characters are fairly well described, though not developed in depth (for which the story doesn't seem to lack anything).

The plot is well paced, and there is a secret or two to unfold. Sex scenes are detailed and do have the risk of exposure, though otherwise are pretty tame. For a great Shape Shifter novella, with a dash of the unusual and a bit of spice, I recommend Eden's Reprise.Reviewed by: Elizabeth

Thank you Elizabeth !


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