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Saturday, July 21, 2007

In Space, No One Can Hear You Come

To Celebrate the release of Mikala Ash and Lexxie Couper's new books, The Body Politic and The Boundaries: Awakening - and the 38th Anniversary of the Moon Landing, Lexxie and Mikala would like to share with you all a free story, about two Aussies and a moon mission with a twist..... We hope you enjoy it......

In Space, No One Can Hear You Come
A Free Sci-Fi Story
Lexxie Couper and Mikala Ash

Ned Cockstrong turned from the portal, his cock a straining rod of excitement in his space suit. Holy shit. They’d done it. Two fucking Aussies had landed on the moon. Okay, two Aussies and an American commander, but hey, two Aussies all the same. And the world had said it’d never happen.
He grinned, casting the lunanaut beside him – the Aussie lunanaut beside him – a long look. “So. One small step, and all that, ‘ey?”
Bess Alderan rolled her eyes, pulling an exasperated face, even as she tried to hide her own grin. “We’re about to step foot on the moon, Ned. Surely this is the time to have a little decorum.”
Ned laughed, leaning forward to flick at the perfect tip of Bess’s right nipple through her suit. “Hey, you’ve been sleeping with me for how many months now? Decorum and Ned Cockstrong don’t go together.”
Bess shook her head. “You’ve got that right.”
Ned flashed her a grin. “Fair Dinkum.”
“Enough of the chit-chat,” a stern voice snapped behind them and this time, it was Ned who rolled his eyes. “It’s time to get to work.”
Commander Adams – USA veteran NASA to the core – stood, hands on hips, physically fit female form even more perfect in her skin-tight suit, glaring at them. The world had issues with two Aussies in space, non more so than Commander Adams. Which, in Ned’s opinion, was a bloody shame. She was built.
“Alderan, you’re working on the glitch in Life Support. Cockstrong, you’re with me.” Blue eyes flashed. “Get to it. Double time.”
Ned snapped off a cocky salute. “Yes, Sir.” He threw Bess a grin, feeling jazzed regardless of their Commander’s oppressive nature. And zero personality.

Record of secret Senate Committee hearing into the loss of Tranquility Base; Senator W. G. Shrub presiding. (Documents released to the public domain in 2049AD after mandatory thirty year delay.)

Transcript of evidence provided by Lunanaut, Lieutenant Bessy Alderan, Life Support Specialist, the only surviving crew member of Tranquility Base.

Senator Shrub: Lieutenant Alderan, in your own words, please describe what happened from the time you arrived at Tranquility Base and how a two billion dollar lunar outpost was totally destroyed. Be as candid as you wish. Remember you are under oath.

Lieutenant Bessy Alderan: Well, Senator, it all started so well, though I had a funny feeling about the mission as soon as we touched down. I mean, I couldn’t believe Ned’s face. His eyes were glowing with excitement and the way Ned was grinning I could tell he was thinking, “Bite me, you wankers!”

We’d both received a bit of stick from the others at astronaut survival school, you know, the first Aussies on the moon type stuff. There were jokes about us hopping across the surface like kangaroos and silly stuff like that. We were bigger than that, of course, and it was a kind of victory for us, though the training kept us flat out like lizards drinking. It was a special day too, being the fiftieth anniversary of the first landing at Tranquility, we thought we were pretty damn good.

Ned was highly aroused and I could see his cock tenting his spacesuit, which is no mean feat, these suits are like armor, but I mean, I know first hand how his cock is like a rod of steel.

Commander Adams was a ‘by the book’ type of astronaut. At first I didn’t think Ned liked her much, but I turned out to be wrong on that one. I thought she was really, really good. I mean, she was a veteran, she’d been to the moon twice before. I thought she was just the bee’s knees, the way she piloted us down and she was sexy to boot.

The South Arm of Tranquillity Base was but a few yards from Central Command and housed the Power Grid. Ned knew the way blindfolded. Shit, he’d walked it blindfolded numerous times during training, but the path there this time… there was something well worth keeping the blindfold in the back pocket. The Commander’s ass. Ned studied it, watching the firm muscles bunch and flex with each stride she took. Damn, it was fine. The perfect size to grab and bite. He pulled in a steadying breath, picturing its toned form under his palms, imagining its perfect cheeks spread, visualizing his cock sliding into her tight, puckered –
“The Eo-Capacitor is registering a flux in the high-risk range,” The Commander said, jerking Ned’s attention from her ass to her face. “Address it.”
Ned ground his jaw. Bess thought the Commander was the bee’s knees. His partner in space admired everything about the American. On a level Ned was convinced Bess wouldn’t admit to, he reckoned Commander Adams pushed Bess’s lesbian buttons, but to him, the Commander was just a pushy bitch. A bloody hot looking pushy bitch, but a pushy bitch nonetheless. When she spoke to him like he was a rookie imbecile – like she was now – he wanted to throw her against the wall and teach her a lesson.
“Is there a problem, Cockstrong?”
Ned fixed the Commander with a level stare, and noticed for the first time since meeting her at the beginning of training back on Earth, a glint in her eyes. A smouldering, hungry glint. A beat thumped in his temple. And his cock.
The Commander looked at him, hands fisted on jutted hips, long, toned thighs spread slightly. “Well?”
Ned had always lived his life by his instincts. He’d sworn never to doubt what his gut told him to do. Right at that point, at that moment, his gut was very adamant about his next course of action. It might get him jettisoned into space, but fuck it, he wasn’t about to change now.
He destroyed the space between he and the Commander in a step. Grabbing her wrists, he threw her against the wall, driving his tongue into her surprised mouth and his cock against her hot pussy. She fought him. For exactly four seconds. And then her tongue lashed his and her right leg wrapped around his hip, locking their bodies together.
Ned’s head swam. With lust and excitement. He dragged his hands from the Commander’s wrists, down her arms to capture her perfectly pert breasts, pinching her rock-hard nipples poking at the tight spandex of her space suit with his knuckles.
“Oh, you fucking bastard!” Commander Adams growled into his mouth, her teeth closing down in his bottom lip. She shoved her sex to his cock and tangled her fingers in his short hair. “I’ve wanted to teach your arrogant Australian ass a lesson since I first met you.”
A wet, hot bolt shot to Ned’s rigid shaft. What lesson the Commander thought she was going to teach was beyond him, why he needed to be taught a lesson even more so, but he wasn’t going to argue. The woman was his commanding officer, after all.
Before he knew it they were both naked, the Commander on her knees, her mouth wrapped around his shaft.
“There’s nothing like getting a blow-job from a superior officer.” Wasn’t that what Jack Nicholson drawled in ‘A Few Good Men’? Or something like it, anyways. Ned knew part of the rush consuming his body was the fact she was his superior, but that wasn’t the sole reason. She was good. Very good. Her tongue and teeth knew exactly what to do. He felt a wet, hot tension squirming through his balls, making his spine tingle and the sole of his feet burn.
Fuck. He was going to cum.
He grabbed her arms and yanked her to her feet. He didn’t want to cum in her mouth. Not yet anyway. He wanted to cum in her cunt.
He shoved her to the wall, pinned her wrists beside her head and rammed his cock into her sodden pussy.
Pump. Pump. Pump.
Her cunt took it all. She yelled at him. Bellowed orders, her nails digging into his shoulders, her breath shallow. “Harder, Cockstrong! Harder! Faster!” He obeyed. Bloody Hell, did he obey.
His balls slapped her ass cheeks, his cock filled her sex. He ground his teeth, biting back a scream of rapture as, in scalding spurts of thick cum, he erupted.
The Commander joined him, her cunt milking him in powerful constricting pulses. She threw back her head and cried out, the raw sound tearing Ned’s own control. His scream of release joined hers and he completely lost his rhythm.
But not before, with a very distant, very pleasure-fogged part of his consciousness – he noticed a weird line of mist, like directed smoke, curl through the space outside the portal. There one moment, gone the next.
Ned sucked in a sharp breath, and then the Commander grabbed his head and shoved her tongue in his mouth and that was the end of any conscious thought at all.

Transcript of evidence provided by Lieutenant Bessy Alderan, continued.

Anyway, after we powered down she got us to work straight away. That first six hour shift was grueling and we completed all our assigned tasks ahead of time. I was working outside alone on life support issues and Commander Adams and Ned were working together on the power grid.

Though I was tired, I was as randy as hell. Ned and I had been fucking each other all the way through ASS, um…, Senator, that’s short for Astronaut Survival School. We were the only Aussies there, so we sort of stuck together, literally.

Anyway, I found Ned in his dome. He looked knackered too, but he had that JBF look I knew so well.

What Senator? Um, JBF is astronaut slang for Just Been Fucked. It’s like SNAFU and FUBAR, um, well Senator, the first stands for, ‘Situation Normal, All Fucked Up,’ and the second stands for, ‘Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition’.

Yes, I can see you’re taking notes, Senator.

I automatically assumed that Ned and the Commander had got it on. He denied it, but I could tell. He quickly jumped into his little shower cubicle, a sure sign of a guilty conscience, and came out dripping and naked except for a towel.

But I was too randy to care, and the thought that he’d been fucking someone so impressive as the Commander kinda turned me on. I ripped off his towel and pushed him back on his bunk. He fell really slowly in the one sixth gravity, I remember laughing about that before I climbed onto his lap.

Being on top is my favorite position and I like to say, “I may come from down under, but I like to cum on top.” Silly, I know, but hey, we’re all silly when we’re randy.

You’re never silly, you say, Senator. Good for you.

Anyway, my nipples were so hard I had to tear off my t-shirt, because it was too tight. My pussy was so wet it was embarrassing, I mean I was dripping for a good shag. Um, SHAG is Aussie lingo for a fuck, Senator. No, no, S.H.A.G., yes, as in carpet.

Anyways, I ground down on his groin like there was no tomorrow, and noticed that Ned was slow to rise, which confirmed my suspicions about him and the Commander. Ned’s cock has remarkable stamina, so I was kind of impressed by the Commander’s technique, to have taken so much out of him. So I had to spend some time giving him CPR, a bit of mouth to cock resuscitation, if you know what I mean.

You don’t? Um…, what I mean is I gave him a BJ. That’s astronaut jargon for a blow job. Yes, Senator, I’m talking about oral sex but I wasn’t doing much talking, if you know what I mean.

Ned’s cock is, how do I say… big. Long, thick, heavy, you name the dimension, it was just big. And the perfect shape too… anyway, I opened wide and took the bulbous head into my mouth. I just love the heavy feel of it on my tongue and the silky softness of the flesh that covers the steel like shaft.

He moaned and maneuvered my head back and forth in a steadily increasing docking maneuver. He likes me to deep throat him and then withdraw completely and then swallow it whole again, making a popping sound with my lips.

He lowered his hands to my tits and rasped my aching nipples between his thumb and forefinger. I almost creamed myself at his knowing touch and took my mouth away from his rod and quickly straddled him.

I was hot and wet and his docking probe slid easily into my docking sheath and… I’m sorry Senator? You want me to use less technical jargon? Well, okay. My pussy was so wet with lust, his cock slid into my open slit with no impediment. How’s that?

Okay, well I rode him like there was no tomorrow. I mean, one sixth gee is fantastic, much better than zero gee because at least you have some point of reference, so I rode that big mother six times as hard as I could back on Earth and before you knew it I’d popped my cork.

After my fifth orgasm I slowed down for a bit of a breather and though Ned was still as hard as the regolith outside the dome… I’m sorry Senator? REGOLITH is what we call the lunar surface rock, so what I meant by the analogy was that Ned’s cock was still as hard as rock. Okay?

So, he was still damned hard and felt so good inside me but I knew he wasn’t going to cum. The Commander must have drained his propellant tanks dry, if you know what I mean. You don’t? I mean his balls were empty, Senator. He had no more jism to spare. Okay?

Oh, that’s spelled, J.I.S.M.

Well, I sort of flopped over him and we kissed for awhile then there was this almighty bang. Geeze, Houston, did we have a problem or what?

Sorry, that was a joke, Senator. Yes I apologize. It wasn’t very funny. Yes it was a great movie, Senator.

Anyways, a bugger of a big meteorite had hit the dome and blown a hole about the size of your fist in the carbon fiber wall. The air escaping the dome created a mini cyclone as it leaked out to vacuum.

Yes, that’s right Senator. The moon has no air, so all the air in the dome went WHOOSH.

The emergency doors locked down tight, so the rest of the base was safe but we were going to die anyway, and die horribly. In a total vacuum our bodies would blow up like a balloon and explode.

Ned was always a quick thinker, and selfless too. You know what that big lug did?

Well, yes I know that’s why I’m here, Senator, to tell you what happened. It was a rhetorical question.

That’s R.H.E.T.O.R.I.C.A.L, it’s a, well it’s … I’ll get back to you on that, Senator.

Anyways, Ned just backed his caboose right up to that hole and sealed it with his right buttock. No butts about it Senator. It was the bravest thing I’ve ever seen. And he was on the shadow side of the dome too, so it was a hundred below out there, so his bum went numb quicker than you could say, “Honey, does my ass look too big in this dress?”

What did I do next?

I called him the biggest ass I’ve ever seen. No Senator, I wasn’t insulting a hero, it was a joke between friends …

Anyways, the next thing that came to my mind was kiss that good old boy on his lips. That’s when I noticed the effect danger had on Ned. A lot of guys are sheilas when it comes to danger… sheilas, Senator is an Aussie word for a girlie girl.


But not Ned, he’s no sheila, let me tell you. Danger turned him on and I swear, his hard on was even harder and stronger than when it was inside me not two minutes before.

I just had to give that regolith cock a kiss.

Ned said I better do something more constructive than swallowing his cock. So I gave him another kiss to be brave and told him I’d go look for some sealant to patch the hole.

That’s when the Commander arrived to investigate. She saw me giving Ned’s cock a goodbye kiss and suggested I better do something more constructive, given the emergency situation we were in.

I must admit I grumbled a bit at her ‘hoity toity’ attitude … um, that’s a superior attitude, Senator, and I say that because I noted that she was already taking off her flight suit as I headed for the storage dome. She slammed his door behind me, the bitch.

Ned squirmed. Not just because his arse was hanging out in space and getting bloody cold, but because the two women in his life were staring each other down. Yet even that foreboding sight couldn’t squash his arousal. His cock felt harder than a pole. Like it was a molten rod with a life and purpose of its own. He’d been horny since he’d landed the honour of being part of the mission, but not like this. Sixty seconds after sticking his butt to the hole in the carbon fibre wall, an unexplained heat seemed to lick at his flesh and then – whammo! – his body was charged with lust and hunger and ravenous needs. He’d never wanted to fuck so badly. Put it down to being a hero and saving Bess and the Commander’s life, but he was ram-rod hard and ready to roll, even if both women were about to tear each other apart.
He was just about to say something – although what still hadn’t come to mind – when Bess flipped the Commander a snarky salute and left.
“You impress me, Cockstrong,” the Commander said, walking toward him, her eyes fixed on his rampant erection, her fingers already unzipping her space suit. “I shall have to put in a good word for you when we return to NASA.”
Ned raised an eyebrow at her, the squirming in his body growing stronger. Different. “I’m getting the feeling there’s something else you’d like put somewhere, Commander.”
Her blue eyes flared. “Watch the impertinence, Cockstrong, or I’ll have to reprimand you.”
Ned grinned and his cock pulsed. Once. Twice. “Tough words, considering I’m sticking my arse out for you.”
The Commander flicked her gaze up to his eyes for a second. “I’ll kiss it better after,” she promised, before, with a fluid grace he knew came from years of NASA training, she dropped to her knees and took his cock in her mouth.
Blistering heat roared through him. Radiating from the bulbous, throbbing head of his cock, into his swollen balls and up his spine. Her tongue rolled over the distended shape, flicking at it, licking the beads of pre-cum squeezing from the slit at the very tip. She raked her nails up his braced legs, taking possession of his balls in her hands, squeezing them with brutal force that sent shards of both pain and pleasure deep into Ned’s gut. He ground his teeth together, smashing his fists to the wall beside him. The heat in his groin was unbelievable, the worming tension like a living entity consuming him, possessing him with insidious haste. Fair Dinkum, he felt like he was no longer in control of his body. Like he was –
The Commander plunged her mouth deeper down his shaft, deep-throating him in the very way Bess did, tugging on his balls as she did so.
A roar burst from his lips. An undeniable hunger surged through him, followed by an image of the Commander’s long, toned and perfect legs spread before him, her sex glistening in the muted light, her blood oozing from the gaping wound in her upper thigh…
Ned blinked. Huh? What the fuck?
The Commander withdrew a little and nipped his cock with her back molars. A surge of something dark and malevolent tore through Ned and he bucked. Wildly.
Breaking the seal his arse cheek had made. Lunging at the woman at his feet.
Fuck. He was hungry and she was the perfect meal.
The Commander squealed, flung backwards by Ned’s abrupt, violent action. She landed with a thud on her butt, the sharp click of her teeth snapping together like a gunshot in the rushing artificial air. She glared up at him, fury in her face, her hair whipping about her, lips parting to no doubt scream at him, when he smashed into her, flattened her to the floor and bit those lips right off her face.
Sweet, sweet blood flooded into his mouth. Down his throat.
He drank it in, wolfing down bite after bite of Commander Adam’s flesh. The air roared past him, rushing to escape through the meteorite-damaged wall. Equipment, paperwork and items of clothing flung past him but he didn’t care. It didn’t affect him. It was like he existed outside the laws of human physics. He no longer needed to obey anything as trifling as human laws. Not now. Not when he was more than human. Nothing mattered but the powerful hunger surging through a body once controlled by an Australian lunanaut, and the delectable, delicious female beneath him. A female kicking and struggling to be free of his embrace. A female struggling with her fading life.
Ned grinned into her torn neck. She’d see the light soon. Stupid human that she was. Struggling only made her blood flow faster. Only painted him in its glorious crimson stain quicker. She was dead. She just didn’t know it yet.
He ripped a chunk of sinew and muscle and flesh from her shoulder, swallowed it and moved onto one sublime breast, his stomach growling. The human inside him – the human no longer in control of its body - had always been a sucker for white meat…
Transcript of evidence provided by Lieutenant Bessy Alderan, continued.

I don’t know what transpired between the Commander and Ned while I was gone, though I can guess. I bet you can too, Senator. Yes, Senator, they may have indulged in a little hanky panky.

What was that, Senator? What would I say to a little hanky panky? Well, I’d say, “hello, little hanky panky,” why?

Anyways, I had to suit up in my EVA suit and go out to the supply dome, get the sealant and return, which I did pretty damn efficiently. Besides, I wanted his big hard cock back in my cunt, PDQ, that’s pretty damn qui…, oh, you knew that already.

Luckily I decided to keep my suit on when I reentered the base. When I got back to his cabin about fifteen minutes later, I saw Ned eating the Commander.

Let me back up a bit. When I opened Ned’s door the air started rushing out. I stepped in and slammed the door shut. The reason the air rushed out was that Ned had removed his damn buttocks from the hole in the wall.

No senator, he wasn’t muff diving, when I say he was eating the Commander, I don’t mean sexually. I mean he was chomping away on her.

She was dead, D.E.A.D. Also she was naked, lying stretched out on the bed. I saw that JBF glint in Ned’s eye, so I knew they’d been fucking and he must have got carried away.

He was munching on her left leg. He’d already devoured her right leg, left arm, and her head. Blood was everywhere, it looked like a blood bank after an earthquake.

I can only assume that some sort of murderous alien entity had taken over Ned’s body through the hole in the dome. The pernicious thing probably accessed his body through his butt. Ned looked at me, and I knew that look from old. He was randy, and the way he licked his lips I could see he was hungry as well.

Senator, ASS just didn’t prepare me for a SNAFU like this one. Everything was FUBAR and I’m just a SHEILA, when it comes right down to it, so I high tailed it back to the supply dome PDQ.

I had the advantage because he had to suit up. I guess his body was still human and he needed the suit to survive in a vacuum. I got to the dome and found some seismic charges. It only took me ten minutes to set them around the domes and start the timer.

But I wasn’t quite quick enough to get away. Ned was just too fast. I’d reached the top of the ladder when he got me.

He was outside after me and caught me as I climbed up the ladder of the Escape Module. He grabbed at my leg and I kicked at his beautiful and terrible face.

Bess was already up the ladder to the Escape Module when Ned caught up with her, the scent of her flesh in his nose, despite the annoying human respirator he wore. He saw her scale the ladder, her legs pumping like pistons, her arse – that wonderful, beautiful arse he’d caressed and kissed and fucked so many times – bunching and flexing with every rung she cleared. He stared up at her, licking his lips, tasting her in his throat before his teeth even tore into her flesh.
The human that was Ned knew how delicious Bess tasted. The alien was frantic to try her for itself.
It lunged at the fleeing human, saliva flooding its mouth, a snarl rumbling in its throat. Its fingers wrapped around the female’s ankle, locked on the slender joint and it tugged. Hard.
The female squealed and the alien laughed, tugging again. Her grip on the ladder slipped. She faltered and dropped an inch.
The alien laughed again, fresh saliva coating Ned’s tongue, teeth and throat. And then, terror and fury in her eyes, the female – Bess, I used to call her Bess - struck at its face with her booted heel and it fell backward.
For a split moment, Ned Cockstrong hung there. In space. Staring up at the woman he’d seriously thought he’d spend the rest of his life fucking. An imprisoned human knowing his life was over. And then gravity – what little there was – grabbed him and he hit the regolith. At the exact moment the alien possessing him roared in rage and took over completely and utterly.
At the exact moment the lunar base erupted in an explosive ball of fire.
And Ned, lost forever inside his own burning body, smiled.
One small step for Man. One giant get-the-fuck-away for Bess.
Onya, Bess.
Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! O-

It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I mean, he was a great fuck and a mate and I loved him. But shit, he’d just killed and eaten the Commander!

He fell in slow motion, like the six million dollar man, and hit the regolith, that’s the … oh, okay and I took off just as the seismic charges detonated.

Yes Senator, I had to blow up the base, I had no choice. Yes Senator, I know it was expensive. Geeze, deduct it from my pay if you want, but even though he was the fuck of the century, I was sure as hell not going to leave that cannibal alive.

What? You have to be joking. You want me to lead a team of crack marines back to Tranquility Base and capture the alien for the army’s weapons division?

If I don’t, you calculate it will take me five hundred and fifty years to pay back the US government?

What was that Senator, you’d waive what I owe for a little hanky panky?

Geeze, when’s the next flight to Tranquility Base?

End of transcript.
(c) 2007 MIkala Ash & Lexxie Couper


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