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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Slave To Lust get 4 Angels

Science Fiction meets Queen of the Damned in Mikala Ash’s latest erotic paranormal. In a story that was electrifying and humorous I found myself laughing one moment and extremely turned on the next. Katsumi and Adon make an interesting pair with both of them susceptible to their raging lusts. Katsumi was a character, pretty self absorbed and a little selfish at times then turned out to be a woman you can’t judge at first glance. Evolving into more than the horniness driving her, she was an ideal partner for Adon who made me want to scream think with the big head once in a while. This is an interesting take on vampires in the future, and I think readers will be more than pleased with this savory novella. Reviewed by: Rachelle


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