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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Excerpt from The Body Politic

This is the opening (unedited) scene of my work in progress The Body
Politic, the sequel to A Political Animal.

Readers may recall that Serena was bailed up on a cliff's edge by a
werewolf assassin and her two heroes, Jack Wolfe and Kelvin Waters,
were risking their lives to save her ... she couldn't let the boys
get hurt so she took the logical step ... The Body Politic picks up
the story a couple of weeks later ...

I stress the following excerpt is unedited ...

The Body Politic
Mikala Ash

In that predawn hour, home to surreal dreams and memories of the
most erotic sort, Jack Wolfe rolled over and snuggled into the warm
body beside him. His mind filled with the images, sounds and smells
of hard sex; the moans and screams of passion, the frisson of orgasm
that had shattered his soul like a crystalline explosion.
Oh, how he loved her, adored everything about her; her scent, her
taste, the very warmth of her flesh. She was everything he'd ever
desired in a mate; intelligent, loving, responsive and she knew how
to please him too. He had never come so powerfully in all his long
Jack's cock swelled with a flood of hot blood and, seemingly with a
mind of its own, it sought her moist slit. Firm buttocks welcomed
him, pressed warmly against his swollen sex. He reached out to
fondle her full breasts, his fingers searching, searching… ,
"What the… !" In an instant he'd leaped from the bed and was
crouching on the floor, a deep growl resonating in his chest.
Opposite him, Kelvin Waters was similarly crouched, snarling; his
face contorted in rage, his powerful $wolfen$ body poised for attack.
"Fuck you!" Jack hissed.
His teeth were unsheathing in his jaw, the razor incisors
extending. His bones and tendons cracked, joints and limbs
stretched. In only a moment he'd transformed into a beast of fur and
He growled menacingly at the other $wolfen$ who a moment ago had
been Kelvin Waters, disgraced politician and Serena's other lover.
Without breaking their death stares for more than a moment, the two
beasts glanced to the empty space on the bed, to where Serena should
have been.
This isn't right, Jack thought angrily. Two Alpha's do not share
the same female, let alone in the same bed!
Waters growled, his canines glistening white, his feral eyes
glowing with malevolent intent.
Now's a good a time as any, Jack decided. This had to be sorted
out. The muscles of his hind legs tensed, ready to spring...
Jack held himself back and turned to face her, his teeth
retracting, tail and fur receding.
"Can't you two just try to get along?"
Jack glanced at Kelvin who had also returned to human form, the
rage in his eyes displaced by lust.
Serena stood at the bedroom door, naked, only a breakfast tray
obscuring her ample breasts. She grinned. "Coffee, tea or… "
They didn't let her finish.



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