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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

WIP: Rain Catcher

Rain Catcher

2147 AD; a world devastated by global warming. The equatorial regions have turned to desert and the only inhabitable areas are around the poles. Pollution has poisoned the earth, the seas and the air. Fresh, clean water is more precious than gold.
Tasmania is the northern most inhabitable place in the southern hemisphere and in the squalid red light district of Hobart Town, Roxy Talia earns her living as a porn star. She's saving her money to get into university but even after three years in front of the camera, her dream is a long way off.
Tobin Kane is an out of work captain of Rauni, an independent raincatcher, one of the great nuclear powered vessels that follow the monsoon rains across the ocean collecting the precious fresh water before it falls into the polluted seas.
The owner of Rauni has died and, without a legal heir, the ship is impounded. He and his faithful crew are out of work and black banned by the powerful Water Corporations that rule the planet in everything but name.
Tobin is in the red light district, drunk and spending the last of his money on hookers. Swaying drunkenly outside a strip joint deciding whether or not to have one more fling before he’s finished, Tobin sees a familiar figure posing naked in a poster.
Roxy Talia. Sex personified. She’s haunted his fears and fantasies for the last three years and, as surprise turns to anger at what she’d done, a desperate plan formulates in his lust filled mind.
That sexy vixen would save his future, even if he has to kidnap her.

(c)2006 Mikala Ash


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