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Friday, October 13, 2006

A Political Animal released today by Changeling Press

Hey, A Political Animal was released today by Changeling Press !!!!!!!!

YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Book Summary

Serena Plim, Press Secretary to Aussie Deputy Prime Minister Kelvin Waters, flees the media spotlight when her boss's wife goes to the press accusing Serena and her husband of having an affair. It’s not true, but the fact that for the last ten years Serena has been in love with the charismatic politician doesn’t help.

Serena takes to the hills and after a very spooky drive through the great Aussie outdoors, she runs into Jack Wolfe, a devilishly handsome cattle rancher.He offers the distraught Serena sanctuary and she seizes the opportunity to end her celibate past and explore her sensuality. But there’s something disturbing about Jack and when he sends his staff away and deprives her of her car, Serena suspects she’s in for an adventure she hadn’t counted on.

She’s right.


“Sex scandal rocks the Farmers’ Party and Deputy Prime Minister Kelvin Waters resigns amid further rumors of sexual dalliances with Press Secretary Serena Plim. Insiders say --”
“Whatever the hell they want to say! I don’t give a flying fuck!” Serena killed the radio with an emphatic flick of her wrist.
Sexual dalliances! It wasn’t true, dammit!
She wanted to scream out loud that Kelvin was a friend and nothing more.
That wasn’t strictly true, but it wasn’t as bad as the blood-sucking press were making out. While she loved Kelvin, like no one she’d ever loved before, there was absolutely no sex involved. Her love was platonic.
Completely, totally, honestly platonic!
A sob slipped from her throat at the pitiful way that sounded. What the hell was wrong with her?
Was it wrong to loyally devote ten years of your life to a hunk of a man and not fuck his brains out at least once a day? Maybe not wrong, but incredibly stupid. Especially when she didn’t fuck anyone else either.
But stupid was one thing she was not. She was a political and media guru, according to her supporters, though where they were now she didn’t know. She’d taken Kelvin from complete anonymity to the brink of pulling off a brilliant political coup. Then Priscilla, his conniving wife, had spouted all over the press that Kelvin and Serena were -- she could hardly believe the press release -- spending all their free time together, to the “grave detriment of our marriage.”
Grave detriment? What sort of phrase was that? Bloody brilliant, that’s what it was. It was the line Serena had written for Kelvin’s first televised campaign speech, the speech the pundits said had gotten him elected. “My fellow Australians, the reprehensible actions of the current government pose a grave detriment to our…” Blah, blah, blah. The conniving bitch had even put it in bold, for God’s sake. Bitch!
The “wronged” Mrs. Waters had played into the hands of the press, the opposition, even those conniving sods in Kelvin’s own party. His political cachet had evaporated completely. He had no choice but to fall on his sword. In this age of fundamentalist politics he was a sudden and complete liability.
Poor Kelvin. Politics had become his life. This would destroy him. Her eyes stung with the tears she’d been barely holding back for the last four hours. When he’d resigned at the press conference she’d completely lost it.
Her mind had numbed, becoming a lump of stone. Had she been able to think clearly she would have rallied him to fight another day. Not let him crumble. She couldn’t believe he hadn’t fought back. He meekly denied an affair and resigned “for the good of the country.”
His surrender had left her with nothing. She was out of a job and out of his life.
That’s when she’d had a brain explosion. That was the only way she could explain what she’d done. She’d rushed to their government car and drove west from Canberra as fast as she could. She certainly couldn’t face the press. How could she honestly deny the love she had for him, even if they hadn’t so much as kissed?
Well, not with tongues anyway. A chaste kiss on her birthday… he always remembered her birthday.
Another sob convulsed her body.
The sudden need to sleep, to find somewhere dark and safe, became overwhelming. Serena found a motel on the outskirts of a small town and paid cash for a room. She sat in the dark for an hour, her mind completely blank. She realized she’d fallen asleep when a knock on the door woke her. It was Kelvin.
“Serena…” He took her into his arms and looked deeply into her eyes. “I’ve told Priscilla. It’s all over.”
Then he kissed her. The urgency of his kiss, the kiss she’d so longed for, took her completely by surprise. The strong bands of his arms crushed her to his chest. His lips devoured hers and they stumbled backward onto the bed.
In a frenzy, they undressed each other, showing no regard for buttons or zips until they were naked and locked in a deep embrace.
After a minute Kelvin released his grip and, with such sweet tenderness, held her face between his hands. He caressed her cheeks and then traced the backs of his fingers lightly along the sensitive flesh of her neck. With deliberate and agonizing slowness he moved his fingers down to her straining breasts. She gasped in anticipation as he circled the sensitive skin surrounding her nipples before stroking the erect nubs. A spear of electricity lanced from her breasts to her brain and to her superheated pussy.
Every place he touched burned with an intense heat she thought would engulf her in flame. She didn’t care. She had him at last. He hadn’t deserted her. He’d come to claim her as his own.
Serena cried out when his fingers found the moist lips of her pussy. Her body tensed, preparing itself for him. She could feel the hot shaft of his cock against her thigh.
“Fuck me now,” she said.
Kelvin opened her thighs wider and slid between them. He propped himself on his elbows and held his cock poised at the entrance of her pussy. “Serena…” Her heart was racing in anticipation. “Serena,” he repeated.
Behind the glint of lust and love in his eyes she fancied she saw something. A deep sadness which mirrored hers at all the time they’d wasted. He opened his mouth as if to say something more but she silenced him with a fingertip to those luscious lips.
“We’ve waited so long,” she said. “Now is our time.”
Kelvin nodded. A slight shift of his hips and his cock was pushing her pussy lips open. A wave of heat flushed through Serena’s body. Her heart skipped a beat and her head swam. She pulled his head down and kissed him furiously, parting his lips with hers and thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth.
As she hoped it would, Serena’s onslaught seemed to quell any hesitation in Kelvin’s mind. He returned her kiss with equal energy and at the same time thrust into her with one glorious push that fed the length of his thick shaft to her hungry pussy.
Serena grunted wantonly each time he pushed into her. She shifted her hips to accommodate his vigorous fucking, wrapping her legs about his hips, pulling him into her, driving him on.
Her body was on fire. A fine sheen of sweat coated her tingling flesh as she surrendered herself to their mutual lust. The fullness in her pussy was spreading into her belly and upward to her breasts.
She gasped for breath as he drove relentlessly into her. Her mind seemed to be poised on the edge of an explosion as the energy of her pent-up lust expanded like a balloon inside her and suddenly blossomed into orgasm.
Serena cried out as her pussy clenched around the steel shaft of his cock.
Kelvin howled as he came, his body shuddering with each forceful pulse of his cock. She clung to him, holding him tightly as if trying to meld their bodies by sheer force.
He lifted his head and gazed down at her. For the first time since he’d entered politics, he looked as if he was at peace with himself. Then his serene expression disappeared, replaced by a scowl of intense concentration.
“What is it?”
Without explanation he got up and opened the door, stepping out onto the landing. Seemingly unconcerned with being naked, he sniffed the air again like he had a cold. “Damn!”
“What is it?” she repeated.
He turned back to her, his face a mask of despair. “I can’t do this to you.” He looked deep into her eyes. “Sleep,” he commanded. Her mind clouded and she felt as if she were sinking into a bale of wool, its warm embrace comforting and safe. “I’m sorry,” she thought she heard him say before the blackness overtook her.
When Serena awoke, she was alone.


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