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Friday, October 20, 2006

Evac From Lusty Seven, Installment Two

Here is my second installment of my Tiny Tease, Evac from Lusty Seven.

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Mikala’s Tiny Tease.

Evac from Lusty Seven
By Mikala Ash
© 2006

A Sci-Fi erotic serial for the readers of Mikala’s Missives.

Installment Two

The Colonel won’t mind.
The Colonel; my reluctant knight in shining amour.
A wave of absolute desire washed through me. My shamelessly aroused pussy flooded with a thrumming sultry desire. My skin tingled with the prickly sting of wanting and my nipples, already straining against my t-shirt, throbbed in beat with my heart. The pit of my stomach quivered with the brush of butterfly wings against my insides, the tell tale sign that I wanted, needed, a fuck.
I stared at the ladder that led to the observation deck, wanting to see his long muscular legs, sheathed in his battle dress, descend bringing him to me so he could take me into his arms.
But he didn’t come.
I could climb the ladder myself. Go to him instead of waiting hopelessly for him to break military protocol. There was no chance of that, I knew and despaired. He would reject me and go on ignoring me. Not the accidental arrogance of command saddled with the responsibility of two dozen lives but the pointed indifference of a man who didn’t love me and had no intention of getting close enough to find out if he could.
I closed my eyes and in my imagination I caressed that hard face, traced the jagged scar that rent his cheek, stroked the firm lips that I longed to kiss, gaze into those cold grey eyes and say, ‘take me.’
Katja groaned and whimpered in yet another orgasm. Her whimpers signified that though her body was exhausted by Weapons Specialist Pfc Robson’ relentless fucking, she couldn’t help herself and wanted more.
I opened my eyes. I was holding her face in my hands. With eyes tight shut her face was screwed up in the effort of another cunt clenching climax.
Robson gave her a last hard thrust, pushing her face into my breasts, which in turn set my nipples aflame. I laid her head gently onto my lap. My pussy reacted to the pressure and I pressed my upper thighs together to contain my need. Katja was panting, her breaths coming in short ragged gasps. I wondered if she would hyperventilate.
I slid my gaze along the sheen of her sweat covered spine till they rested on the groin of the muscular marine still poised behind her. His member, stiff as a pole, bobbed provocatively above the twin globes of her ass cheeks. The bulbous head was slick with Katja’s cunt juice and it glistened in the harsh light of the overheads like the bejeweled scepter of some ancient potentate. His stamina was impressive. He’d been fucking her for almost an hour and still his cock was ramrod straight, pointing upward as if he was aiming at me.
I licked my lips. It was an involuntary gesture as I imagined that thick length of solid flesh pushing its arrogant way inside me, rasping against my inflamed flesh, my body shuddering under the impact, the fire of his intrusion dowsed only by the juices of my cunt.
Katja roused herself, saw the look on my face that was, I guessed, clearly wanton and laughed weakly. “You have to fuck him, Mason,” she advised. “That is one great cock.”
The PA crackled into life and we all jumped in surprise.
“Gamma Squad. Relieve Beta at coordinates 2356. You have five minutes.” The voice was Lieutenant Clarissa Hinkles, the sinewy blonde limpet who never left the Colonel’s side. The visceral energy of my desire instantly transformed into jealous hate.
Weapons Specialist Pfc Robson wiped his cock with a Katja’s general issue underpants and fixed me with his cold marine stare, saying to me that at the next break, when and if we return to the safety of the shelter, his piece of meat was going to take my ass.
There was absolutely no doubt about it.

To be continued.
© 2006 Mikala Ash


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