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Friday, December 29, 2006


Well, not quite but close enough.

It's been a big year, two stories published by Changeling Press, Eden's Reprise and A Political Animal and I thank everyone who read them and gave me such positive comments. Changeling has two kore under contract, Slave To Lust and Rauni's Mistress, both are the first instalments of a series and I'm looking forward to doing a couple of each in 2007.

Whiskey Creek have two under contract; Darke Secrets and Internal Reflections, the latter a novel and I'm hoping it will get into print, fingers crossed.

I've got two more stories in first draft form - Darke Sojourn and Sodom Revisited, aimed at Whiskey Creek and Changeling respectively and both are follow ons for the two short stories already done for them, sos again fingers crossed.
Gremlin World is another series I have planned - it has potential, I think.

So I have a great year, thanks to Lexxie and Steve and Karen, Dakota Cassidy, my editor at Changeling and, of course,all my readers.

Have a great NYE and 2007 guys.



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