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Friday, September 28, 2007

The Body Politic reviewed by Paranormal Romance

Nicole Harvey from Paranormal Romance has just reviewed The Body Politic, here's what she ahd to say:

"a great werewolf love story"

As most know, having two alphas in the same bed doesn't go well at all. They both want to have her but don't want to share. And it doesn't help when both of the Alpha's can't stand each other. If much more happens before they figure out what they are going to do, someone will get hurt badly. Serena's alpha males are ready to rip each other apart; she is trying to keep peace, to keep the two men from killing each other. Serena knows they must find a way to live with each other and soon. It is bad enough with them both fighting. It has made it extremely hard for her to grow used to her wolfen skin; the two men are not making it easy at all. And on top of all of that the full moon is coming and the feelings of the quickening are taking her and her hormones, which is overwhelming.

Serena just can't take it any more. She is extremely overwhelmed to where she must get away or she will go crazy. Serena escapes to a resort that tailors to werewolves. But no matter where she gets away to Catriona Molyneux finds her. Catriona is a socialite who wants to make her the next Prime Minister. As she becomes more and more overwhelmed Serena needs something, she needs her two men more than ever. If this isn't enough, other dark forces are determined to stop Catriona from getting what she wants, and that is Serena as Prime Minister. What will Serena do? If it was hard before to get used to who she was, things have gotten much much worse. Will the two men come to terms that they must get their petty crap under control, or lose the best thing the two of them have ever had, Serena? Will Serena let politics take control of her life? Or will she fight for what she wants and needs, a life with her men, a peaceful one?
This author took a story that many have done before and set it flying. Mikala Ash wrote one of the best werewolf love stories that I have read in a long while. The turmoil between the three of them, the fights between the two male alpha's had just became to much for Serena. Will her men get a clue that their fighting is tearing Serena apart and that they needed to pull themselves together as a team for the woman they love. It was just a damn great story with twists and turns that will blow you away. I look forward to seeing what she will write next.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey

Posted September 28, 2007


Wolf in a gilded cage…
It is not natural for two alphas to share the same female, let alone in the same bed. Serena’s alpha males can’t stand one another. The two hunks are only a claw’s width away from ripping out each other’s throats.
Serena’s trying to avert bloodshed while learn how to live in her new wolfen skin. And as if that’s not enough, the full moon is approaching and the quickening is taking hold of her hormones.
Overwhelmed, Serena escapes to an island resort for werewolves. Unfortunately, she’s followed by the vivacious Catriona Molyneux, socialite extraordinaire, who is determined to make Serena the next Prime Minister. Other forces, dark and malignant, are equally determined to make sure Catriona doesn’t have her way.
Will Serena once again sacrifice herself to politics? Will her two lovers let her?


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