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Friday, September 07, 2007

DARKE SECRETS released soon by Whiskey Creek

Tara Renee from Two Lips Reviews has reviewed Volume 37 and rated it at four and a half lips!

Darke Secrets by Mikala Ash
Killian is a police officer called in to investigate a suspected murder attempt. Fearing that the call is just the ramblings of an old woman looking for attention, she nevertheless goes to the house where she and her partner walk into a woman struggling with a man. The woman resists arrest and assaults the officers so that they have to take her into custody even though the man refuses to press charges. Killian returns the next night while she is off duty and it isn’t long before she and Michael, the man assaulted in his home, are going out to dinner and then spending the night in bed. The next day several secrets come to light that will determine the fate of this couple.

Darke Secrets is an enjoyable story by Mikala Ash. I was kept on my toes wondering what the true cause of the assault Killian walked in on was. The story has a fast pace and a wonderful flow. Killian and Michael have an undeniable chemistry and some deep secrets that will surprise you. This is a definite must read story.

Raven by Susan M. Sailors
Lorelei is visiting her friend at college when she meets a man named Raven in Edgar Allen Poe’s dorm room while sightseeing. Raven is a student who does paranormal investigating on the side. He and Lorelei spend time talking about haunted buildings and before they know it Lorelei must meet up with her friend. She and Raven spend several months talking on the phone getting to know one another better. She makes plans to visit him and the two have an amazing night of passion that takes them by surprise. They soon learn that their lovemaking might have had a ghostly purpose.
Raven is a fun, romantic story by Susan M. Sailors. The relationship between Raven and Lorelei develops gradually and with a strong basis in friendship. Their love scenes are touching and steamy creating a wonderful heat in the story. Raven left a smile on my face and I recommend it to all.


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