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Thursday, October 18, 2012

x rated excerpt from Realm of Night coming soon from Changeling Press

Coming soon from Changeling Press

“Protect & Serve: Realm of Night” by Mikala Ash

Can a Goddess truly win the heart of a mortal man?

X rated Excerpt from Realm of Night

By the time I returned to my office, Senna had things well under control. She was naked, sitting on an office chair, her legs spread wide, and with the vibrating dildo in her pussy clearly visible. The Office Penetrator was a very effective sex toy and provided a wonderful diversion for the office-bound. Senna had a cock in her mouth, as well, taking it deep into her throat with obvious enthusiasm. The blond salesman, whom I’d enjoyed last week and nicknamed “Sweet Cum”, was standing behind her, massaging her breasts with both hands.

Three bathrobes were on the floor. Senna had taken the initiative and invited the guys to shower with her. No doubt she had them prepare themselves for a variety of sexual activities. Senna looked up and grinned wickedly when she heard the door close behind me. I approached with a warm sense of anticipation in my belly. Group sex was one of my favorite things.

Desire did not dull my senses, however, and I was immediately alerted to the fact that something was not as it should have been. The cause of my disquiet was obvious. The guy with his cock in Senna’s mouth looked around.

He was a slim ginger-haired man with a narrow face and large dark eyes. He was well built, with wide shoulders and good pectorals which would have attracted Senna’s immediate attention. No wonder she was fellating him with such gusto. He certainly exuded sexual magnetism. I noted the livid scar stretching across his hip. Its jagged edges indicated that this guy had seen some serious action.

“You’re not the same guy as before,” I challenged the attractive stranger.

Senna took her mouth away from his impressive dick. “I couldn’t help starting without you,” she said. “These chair attachments are fantastic!”

“Tyler came down with the flu,” Sweet Cum explained quickly, no doubt seeing my suspicious expression.

I grasped the newcomer’s jaw in my hand. “Who are you?”

“My name’s Tommy,” he replied with some difficulty.

“Hello, Tommy.” I planted a forceful kiss on his compliant lips. The frisson of shifter energy confirmed my suspicion. A kiss is more direct than a handshake, and the energy could not help but remind me of Detective Munroe. After the kiss, I dropped my robe to the floor and, leaning over Senna, gave the other guy a welcome kiss. He, at least, was human. “Good to see you again, Sweet Cum.”

Cheers from down under

Mikala Ash

Out Now: Endless Night from Changeling Press


Coming soon: Realm of Night from Changeling Press (Part II of the Endless Night trilogy)

Political Expediency from Changeling Press

"This one has it all, werewolves, vampires, and lots and lots of smoking sexual situations between all combinations of characters." -- Anthurium, Whipped Cream Reviews

Private Eyes from Changeling Press

"A wonderfully entertaining, paranormal and romantic story." -- Tallyn Porter, Just Erotic Romance Reviews


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