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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Breaking News! Day Two

Breaking News! #8
Food Production ceases on Level 27.

Eye witness report by The Adana Observer’s award winning reporter, Holly Barberossa.

Goooooooood mooooorninggggggg Adannnnnnnaaaaaaa!

For those of you just waking up and grabbing your first cup of caff this is a reminder that Adana never sleeps and while you’ve been catching those wonderful zzzzzs daily life for the other three quarters of the population has been going on as normal, which means I have another dose of action and mayhem for your edification.

First on the agenda today is the food recall announced overnight. Bio-Sustenance have recalled all edible products synthesized from food base date coded Sunday last. The reason for this measure has not been announced, but rest assured we’ll find out what’s eating them down in Level 27 soon enough.

On my way down there I’ll be speaking with the wife of a power plant worker who has been missing for three days. How anyone can go missing in a closed environment like Adana has long been a mystery to me and, with your help, we’ll see if we can do our best and locate him.

Then we have bizarre report of robot abuse to look into. This was first brought to my attention a few days ago and I’ve been doing some research on the quiet, so to speak, and the results of that investigation will both surprise and shock you. It did me, let me tell you.

I also plan to lift the lid on the drastic housing shortage on Adana and will be speaking to the Port Authority official responsible for this vexed issue.

To bring you up to date on some of the personalities we encountered yesterday, I’ve been told that both Horri Jinks and Nev Rinmygob have been released from hospital and are in good condition. I hope to be catching up with them both during the course of the day to follow up on their remarkable stories.

Jasper Ficus, Jaspy to his friends, well known activist and protester has been released from detention and will face sector 3 court in two weeks on charges of vexatious conduct and has been banned from appearing in public with banners or loud speaker devices of any sort.

These stories and whatever else transpires in this tumultuous bubble of air in space we call Adana will be covered today by your intrepid observer, that’s me by the way, Holly Barberossa, and to paraphrase one of Adana’s well known organization’s well used slogans … I’m here to observe.

This is Holly Barberossa, observing for The Adana Observer.

The Adana Observer, for all your news.
For vision of Holly Barberossa’s other reports go to The Adana Observer at spn.TAO.org
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Breaking News! #9
Power Plant worker goes missing.

Eye witness report by The Adana Observer’s award winning reporter, Holly Barberossa.

This is an image of thirty five year old Ernhard Wis, a grade 3 power worker and father of three who has been missing since Saturday last. He is a one hundred seventy centimeters tall Mendovian with brown hair, brown eyes and no distinguishing features apart from one eye stalk being ten centimeters longer than the other. I’m speaking with his contract wife, Indacia who has not seen her husband since he left for work on Friday night.

“Indacia, I understand that you and Ernhard have renewed your yearly marriage contract seventeen times?”
“Yes Holly. We are still very much in love.”
“I can tell. Now, I’ve been told that Ernhard was at work during the Friday night shift and left on time Saturday. Can you tell me what his usual routine is after leaving work?”
“He and his buddies from the plant go to a bar and have a beer to unwind.”
“Which bar is that, Indacia?”
“The Haze usually. Sometimes I meet him there but this time I didn’t. I wish to Phlong I did.”
“He was definitely at the Haze, do you know?”
“Yes, I’ve called and Hazel, the owner, said he was there but it was a busy time and she didn’t see him leave.”
“I understand then that no one has seen Ernhard since the Haze. Not even his buddies?”
“They left before he did. Ernhard doesn’t drink hard or anything like that. He comes home for dinner and … and … I’m so sorry, Holly.”
“That’s alright, Indacia. I’m going to ask our viewers to contact either Port Security or the Adana Observer office if they have any information at all to help with locating Ernhard and I’ll be reminding them every hour for the next few shift cycles. Okay?”
“Thank you Holly. May Phlong bless you.”
“I notice many boxing trophies on your cabinets. Are they Ernhard’s?”
“Yes, he is a champion.”
“Really? Here on Adana?”
“Oh yes and on Mendovia too when he was younger. He coaches young boxers two afternoons a week.”
“He must be very popular. I see one of your boys is a boxer too.”
“Oh yes. He’s only seventeen and junior champion already.”
“You must be very proud.”
“He will be champion for Adana, Ernhard says so.”
“I’m sure it will happen.”

If you can help restore this popular sportsman and beloved husband and father to his family then please contact Port Security or the Adana Observer office as soon as possible.

This is Holly Barberossa, observing for The Adana Observer.

The Adana Observer, for all your news.
For vision of Holly Barberossa’s other reports go to The Adana Observer at spn.TAO.org
Public service announcement:
If you have any information on the whereabouts of Ernhard Wis then contact Port Security immediately or send a confidential message to The Adana Observer at spn.TAO.org. Your anonymity will be respected.

Breaking News! #10
Bio-Sustenance shut down!

Eye witness report by The Adana Observer’s award winning reporter, Holly Barberossa.

I’m standing outside the Bio-Sus offices on level 27. You can see the Port Authority closure stamp on the door behind me. All production activities have been shut down and workers sent home. I’m speaking to Bio-Sus CEO, Manna N. Vanna.

“Manna, what’s happened?”
“Holly, Bio-Sustenance regrets any inconvenience to customers due to this unforeseen occurrence and will be refunding completely all returned stock.”
“Manna, what is the nature of this unforeseen occurrence.”
“I’m not at liberty to say at this time, Holly.”
“Why is that Manna?”
“I’d rather not say Holly.”
“Is it anything to do with the team of Port Security Crime Scene Officers seen entering your premises earlier today?”
“Their presence is …er … not unrelated, no.”
“Manna, let’s cut to the chase here. Is it true that a body was discovered in one of your protein processing vats?”
“I …I …”
“Manna, I think it important that the public know exactly why you are recalling three days worth of food base production.”
“I…. I ….”
“Are all your staff accounted for?”
“What? Of course they are.”
“Then who is it?”
“Holly, I’m sorry I can’t tell you any more than I have. You’ll need to speak to Port Bio-Security, they have assumed jurisdiction over this issue. I just want to reiterate to customers that there is no need to be alarmed. If they return any processed food product with batch numbers in the range: 4567-3975 to 4567-4778 they will receive a full refund. That’s all I have to say at this time.”

There it is viewers. According to my sources the Bio-Sus shift was shut down at 0100 hrs and the recall lodged at 0230 hrs. The Crime Scene team arrived at 0245 hrs and the Port Authority officially closed the plant at 0315 hrs. A quick response like this suggests to me there has been a major incident at the Bio-Sustenance plant here on level 27. You decide what that incident may involve.

I’m awaiting a response from Bio-Security who are usually quick to respond to interview requests and their silence is disturbing. I’ll follow this disturbing story when more information comes to hand and in the meantime I suggest you follow Manna’s advice and return any uneaten processed food products with those batch numbers to Bio-Sus and get a refund. If you’ve already eaten it … well, if it was me I’d be seeking medical attention as soon as possible.

This is Holly Barberossa, observing for The Adana Observer.

The Adana Observer, for all your news.
For vision of Holly Barberossa’s other reports go to The Adana Observer at spn.TAO.org
Public service announcement:
If you have any information on the whereabouts of Ernhard Wis then contact Port Security immediately or send a confidential message to The Adana Observer at spn.TAO.org. Your anonymity will be respected.

Breaking News! #11
A case of David v Goliath: ASGS executive sues trading card originator

Eye witness report by The Adana Observer’s award winning reporter, Holly Barberossa.

The latest fad amongst youngsters in Adana are these small cards which have been in circulation for the last few months. They cost a credit each and because each card is a limited edition they accrue a greater value depending on the relative scarcity of the card, the popularity of the subject and the card’s condition. Enthusiasts either swap or buy cards to complete their collection.

The subject of these particular trading cards, as they are known, has come as a bit of a surprise to this reporter as they are comprised of images of Adana personalities from the political, sports, entertainment and bureaucratic arenas.

I learned of their existence following a tip off that K. Dollavera, Marketing Controller of ASGS, is suing the originator and distributor of these images which have been lifted from spaceportnet sites and news broadcasts. He claims to have been slandered by these cards which include quotes from the interviews and advertisements for which K. Dollavera is so well known.

Intrigued by this interesting sociological phenomena I’ve arranged a meeting with the creator of Adana Persona Cards, one Hyrem Bosch. Hyrem is talking to me through an artificial voice synthesizer for reasons which will become clear.
“Hyrem, can you tell me your story?”
“Hi Holly. Did you know that your card from Fedoran Fart story is worth five hundred and fifty five credits on the open market and it was only released eighteen hours ago?”
“I don’t understand.”
“I only release one hundred of any one card and sell them for a credit each. Then out in the open market people swap them and the significant ones actually get bought and sold on a sort of market.”
“When you say ‘my’ card what do you mean?”
“I watch your show all the time, you have the best interviews and when you nail some officious bastard the look on their face is priceless. I capture it and put it on a card and sell it.”
“I see.”
“Zweep Dollavera blustering away yesterday is already at three hundred credits.”
“You understand that ASGS is suing you for slander.”
“Typical. No fucking sense of humor.”
“What will you do?”
“Call that free lawyer you suggested, I guess.”
“Hyrem, can you tell my viewers why you are using a voice synthesizer and why I am talking to you in the Purgatory Department of the Adana Hospital?”
“I guess it’s because I’m technically dead.”
“To explain, Hyrem is currently in suspended animation, all his biological functions, the ones that remain that is, have been shut down due to the horrific injuries he sustained in a pirate attack that destroyed the vessel in which he and his family were traveling. Left for dead young Hyrem, he is twelve years old, was found by a scavenger team and brought back to Adana for treatment. I am now going to move my camera to show Hyrem in his present state and I warn viewers they may be distressed by the following images. Is that alright Hyrem?”
“Sure, I always wanted to be on one of my own cards.”
“As you can see viewers, all that remains of Hyrem is basically his head which has suffered some decompression damage. Orphaned and without family, funds or insurance, Hyrem is attempting to earn enough credits to have another body synthesized. Of course he must pay for his continued existence here in Purgatory. He has embarked on this innovative credit making scheme to basically pay for his life. His functioning brain is linked to the hospital’s computer system and, with a loan from a kindly benefactor, he created his first card literally hours before his scheduled termination. That was two months ago and his marvelous idea has literally saved his life. Now Hyrem, if the Dollavera brothers are successful in this law suit and close down your trading card business what will happen?”
“I won’t be able to pay my bills and I’ll be terminated.”

There you have it viewers, Goliath by the name of Amalgamated Spaceport Guild of Scavengers, a massive monopoly, is about to crush a twelve year old David as he lies defenseless in a hospital bed.

K. Dollavera, you know what to do. Hyrem’s legal adviser will be waiting for your call.

I’d like to remind viewers that if they have any information regarding the whereabouts of Ernhard Wis, please contact Port Security or the Adana Observer office as soon as possible.

This is Holly Barberossa, observing for The Adana Observer.

The Adana Observer, for all your news.
For vision of Holly Barberossa’s other reports go to The Adana Observer at spn.TAO.org
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Breaking News! #12
Chaos at Bio-Sustenance recall

Eye witness report by The Adana Observer’s award winning reporter, Holly Barberossa.

I’m speaking to you from the level 27 offices of Bio-Sustenance and their hastily set up returns counter. Behind me you can see the long line of citizens returning processed food products. There has been some ugly conflict this morning centering on Bio-Sustenance’s promise to refund in full the cost of items. Bio-Sustenance has since relaxed their requirement for receipts and proof of purchase and have announced they will refund, no questions asked.

You will recall that Bio-Sus lodged their extraordinary recall after an incident in their production plant which necessitated the involvement of a Port Security Crime Scene team. Rumors have swept Adana about the possibility that a body has been found in one of the protein vats…

Wait, there seems to be a disturbance in the crowd… I’ll try and get some audio …
Port Security personnel are vigorously retraining a man down at the end of the line. I’ll attempt to get closer …

“Stalks … he had eye stalks!”
“Sir… sir!”
“The body in the vat, it had eye stalks.”
“Move along, move along, nothing to see here.”
“I’d like to have a word with that man … sir, what do you mean he had eye stalks?”
“I said move along or do you want a taste as well?”

As you saw viewers the man has been hit with a stunner, he has fallen to the floor, his body convulsing. He’s now being carried away by Port Security officers.

If you’ve been following the news this morning the claim by the man we’ve just seen neutralized by an overzealous Port Security officer must be very disturbing from the point of view of the Wis family.

I’m on the line now to Gogan Privet, head of Port Bio-Security about this turn of events.

“Gogan, thanks for joining me. What’s the gist on the body in the vat?”
“My pleasure, Holly. I’m able to confirm for you this morning that a body was indeed found in protein vat line number three of the Bio-Sustenance. Holly I hasten to add that due to the sterilization and bio control procedures routinely followed by Bio-Sus there is absolutely no danger posed to the general public by this incident.”
“Then why recall the food processed from this base food material from the vat in question?”
“Just a precaution Holly. Our analysis shows there has been absolutely no contamination of the final food base product.”
“That’s good news, anyway.’
“Absolutely. Holly, may I say I wanted to give your viewers the absolute facts concerning any potential threat to our food supply and so I apologize for the apparent delay in getting back to you.”
“I understand, Gogan. I thank you for your candor.”
“I believe that people in my position have a responsibility to provide factual information so that the public have confidence in their administration.”
“How is your bid for re-election to the council going, by the way?”
“Well Holly, it’s early days yet, but I’m hopeful. I believe I’ve done a good job during this last term.”
“I understand that one of your competitors has dropped out of the race because of poor polling after a little gaff about water recycling.”
“Holly, what can I say, except that in this job you have to know your chemistry.”
“Gogan, can you confirm that the body in the vat was a Mendovian?”
“That’s correct, Holly. The body was of a male Mendovian, in his mid thirties I suspect, no identification papers so an autopsy will be performed, of course, to ascertain identity and cause of death.”
“Does it look suspicious, Gogan?”
“Oh yes, great violence was done to the person in question.”
“How long had he been in the vat?”
“Vats, Holly. Vat line three consists of fifteen vats and our man was in more than one.”
“He’d been submerged two, maybe three days.”
“Gogan, earlier this morning I was talking with the wife of Ernhard Wis, a Mendovian who has been missing for three days. He was in his mid thirties, one hundred and seventy centimeters tall, brown hair, brown eyes. Does this resemble your body?”
“I examined the body, of course, in order to take samples to compare with what we took out of the vats, so I can say, with a fair degree of certainty, that we can rule out your man, my body has green eyes.”
“I’ll pass this onto his wife, she’ll be greatly relieved.”
“I dare say she will. Holly, I have to go, the results of your Fedoran fart are coming in. I had to delay that analysis to accommodate our vat man.”
“I understand. Thanks Gogan, I look forward to the results.”

There you have it viewers, the Bio-Sustenance food scare has been lifted. Gogan Privet has confirmed there is no danger to public health as a result of this macabre occurrence.

Our search for Ernhard Wis continues however and if you have any information as to his whereabouts then please do not hesitate to contact either Port Security or the Adana Observer.

This is Holly Barberossa, observing for The Adana Observer.

The Adana Observer, for all your news.
For vision of Holly Barberossa’s other reports go to The Adana Observer at spn.TAO.org
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Breaking News! #13
Shocking story of robot abuse

Eye witness report by The Adana Observer’s award winning reporter, Holly Barberossa.

This is Robert. He is an android, Model RBT42. As you can see he has one leg missing as well as some fingers and toes and his arms have been dislocated from his shoulders. I’m reminded from history of the injuries meted out to victims of the Spanish Inquisition which tortured and abused its victims. Robert’s memory and higher order AI functions have been disrupted and I assume this was done to protect the abusers from identification.

He was scheduled for termination and meltdown a few days ago and on seeing him advertised on the ASGS Found Items site I decided to purchase him from Cosmina Ney, a registered scavenger.

You may be wondering why I bought a robot in such a state of disrepair. It’s not because I need company, it’s not because I have a compulsive shopping disorder and no, I do not belong to an android rights organization.

A few weeks ago I heard rumors about organized robot abuse. At first I didn’t believe it. I asked myself the question why would anyone bother to torture an expensive piece of equipment such as Robert. Even in his present state Robert cost me quite a few credits.

This is a recorded interview from a few days ago. As you can see we are in a robot repair shop and I’m speaking to Cindy Sherman, licensed robot repairer who has kindly been working on Robert for me.

“Well, Cindy, what can you tell me?”
“Hi Holly. Robert’s been through a fair bit I believe. The physical problems I can repair, the modulators will have to be replaced which will set you back a bit, but there are some good second hand units on the market I can obtain for you.”
“What about his AI functions. Will he be of any use to me?”
“Well, here’s the thing Holly. When his memory was wiped, they botched the job. They damaged the delicate crystalline structure by flushing it with an alternating si waves instead of a direct si wave. As a result his basic hardwired programs, his instincts if I can make that analogy, were damaged. That means even if he had his other leg he wouldn’t be able to walk properly and even with modulators in his arms he wouldn’t be able to use them. He can’t do anything actually, not even talk.”
“Oh dear.”
“That’s why whoever did this dumped him, Holly. It was beyond their skill to repair the damage so they just trashed him.”
“What about his memory?”
“Well, there they made another mistake. By using the alternating si wave they knocked out his deep programming and mistakenly thought that since he couldn’t respond to them he had no surface, or matrix memory either. Of course his short term memory still exists but I must admit it is very disrupted.”
“I was hoping to ask him what happened to him.”
“It’s a good thing you came to me because I’ve been able to identify some remnant memories and I’ve hooked him up to a voice synthesizer and I’ve tinkered with his response capabilities and been able to salvage some of his logical and temporal sequencers and the like.”
“So I’m not really talking to Robert?”
“That’s hard to say. Your questions will extract responses from the memory matrix, whether or not his prior personality will still be tied to that matrix after the botched wiping is fifty, fifty.”
“Let’s give it a try, shall we.”
“I’ll just power him up, there he is, go ahead Holly.”
“Hello, Robert, can you hear me?”
“I’m not deaf, just fucked up.”
“Oh, sorry.”
“You should do your hair differently.”
“I’m sorry?”
“It’s a shambles.”
“Before your accident, Robert, were you by any chance a hair dresser?”
“Okay… how were you damaged, Robert?”
“I’m sorry?”
“What a bitch!”
“Who attacked you?”
“Where were you attacked, Robert?”
“Rainbow bitch couldn’t do a good color if she tried.”
“Who did you belong to?”
“Freak! Of course I got a cock! It works too. Want to see?”
“Robert, what are you remembering right now?”
“Fight? I’ll rip your dick off!”

That was a couple of days ago. I’ve returned to Cindy to see what progress she’s made in clarifying Robert’s memory.

“Cindy, I’ve been very disturbed about what Robert said to us the other day. I had the impression he’d been involved in some form of aggression which implies that his non violence programming has been tampered with which is very disturbing.”
“That’s right Holly. My deeper analysis reveals that his memory received at least two si wave washes. The first to alter the non violence programming and the second was where they botched it, leaving the alternating si wave on when they attempted to wipe his memory.”
“So someone reprogrammed Robert to violence?”
“Seems like it.”
“Any luck identifying his previous owners?”
“None I’m afraid. His ID plagues and serial numbers that I’ve found belong to at least three dozen other robots.”
“You mean he’s made of spare parts?”
“And old ones too. I’ve checked the spare parts register, he predates all of them.”
“So his origins are a mystery then?”
“That’s right, Holly.”
“Is Robert able to speak with me today?”
“I’ve tried to reactivate his logical sequencing and etiquette program, we’ll see how he goes, but I expect there’ll be only fragments of memory.”
“Hello Robert.”
“Fix your hair for Phong’s sake.”
“Will you help me fix my hair.”
“Sure honey.”
“Robert, can you tell me how you were damaged?”
“Fight me! Three rounds and I’ll knock your fucking head off!”
“Robert, have you been fighting?”
“Need a perm?”
“Who did you fight Robert?”
“A protein treatment might help, but not much.”
“Robert, who ripped off your leg?”
“I won’t fucking throw in the towel, come here you android prick!”
“Uh-oh, he’s gone into automatic shutdown … the memories are just too disturbing for what’s left of his matrix.”
“Well, thanks Cindy. See what you can do for him.”
“Sure will.”

Well viewers, as difficult as it is to believe, there is an organized robot fighting syndicate, something similar to an ancient cock fighting ring, right here in Adana. I’ve heard of such perversities outlawed in the central systems and it’s disturbing to see that they have finally reached Adana.

The danger posed by robots that have had their non-violence programming removed is obvious. I’ve asked the head of Port Security for comment and I hope to receive one in due course.

In the meantime, if you have any information regarding this dangerous, I hesitate to call it a sport, then please do not hesitate to contact Port Security or the Adana Observer, where your anonymity will be respected.

Also, don’t forget, power plant worker Ernhard Wis is still missing and his family would appreciate any news of his whereabouts.

This is Holly Barberossa, observing for The Adana Observer.

The Adana Observer, for all your news.
For vision of Holly Barberossa’s other reports go to The Adana Observer at spn.TAO.org
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Breaking News! #14
Level 7 gym deserted while BDSM parlour rakes it in.

Eye witness report by The Adana Observer’s award winning reporter, Holly Barberossa.

I’m standing in the deserted gym on level 7. Behind me is the very ring where, over the years, many a mighty Colossus has slugged it out with an equally robust Atlas and baying crowds, thirsting for blood, have cheered as each powerful blow has left its bruising mark on human flesh.

Along the walls one can see holograms of some of Adana’s champion fighters, one of whom is Ernhard Wis and there, beside him, with his own place on the wall, is his son, Yoch, a junior champion in his own right.

And here is a poster promoting an upcoming fight, scheduled for next Saturday between Enrhard Wis and Montague Moss, who is billed as the green eyed monster from Mendovia …his jade eyes perched atop his eye stalks looking particularly threatening.

You’ll notice that a CANCELLED sticker has been plastered across the poster.

Following my uncovering of a robot fighting syndicate operating on Adana I’ve come to the gym to see what I can find out about the technicalities involved in getting robots to fight each other. However, as you can see, the gym is deserted. I’m told this is unusual at this time of day. Usually there are dozens of boxers of all ages being put through their paces; training, sparring, getting rub downs with the smell of liniment thick in the air.

Where can they be? Searching for their lost friend perhaps? One can only hope.

Viewers, I’m just walking down the catwalk here to a BDSM parlour conveniently located next door to the gym and rather eloquently called Your Pain is My Pleasure.

Viewers are warned that they may find some scenes distressing and younger viewers, well, you should be in school right now.

There is a Riz Gitto Security officer standing at the door who, as you can see, has welcomed me with a broad smile and is holding the door open. He is one of a plethora of vermillion uniformed security guards that have been popping up all over Adana.

“Thank you, officer. Are you a boxer by any chance? I notice that you obviously work out.”
“Yes ma’am.”
“Did you used to work out here at the gym?”
“Not lately. Too much work on.”
“I see. Where do you think everyone is?”
“I can’t say, ma’am.”
“Thanks, is Lola in?”
“I believe so, ma’am.”

I’m meeting with the Lola,the manager ofYour Pain is My Pleasure, in the exotic and expensively furnished reception area of their establishment.

“Thank you for agreeing to take me on a tour, Lola.”
“My pleasure, Holly. I watch your show all the time even when we’re playing.”
“How gratifying, now Lola I understand business is booming.”
“Absolutely, our membership has doubled in the last three months.”
“What do you put this sudden rise in popularity down to?”
“The quality of the service, Holly. We guarantee as much pain or as much pleasure as you can stand, and more if you want …”
“I understand. Is that screaming I can hear coming from that room?”
“Absolutely. Someone’s have a wailing good time.”
“It sounds like it. What sort of services do you provide?”
“We have the traditional bondage and discipline, domination and submission, not to mention sadism and masochism for every species that live on Adana. We also have Virtual BSDM which, as it implies, does not involve actual physical sensations.”
“What’s the most popular?”
“Oh the real thing for sure. There’s nothing like the lingering sensations and physicality of real pain.”
“I’ll take your word for it. What’s this?”
“Oh, you’ve picked a real goodie there Holly. It’s an authentic torture rack.”
“Like they used in the Spanish Inquisition?”
“Exactly, except with some modern improvements. Apart from the bondage aspects and the stretching we have neural stimulators for the genital and erogenous zones. We have a zenite as well.”
“What’s that? I don’t think I’ve heard of a zenite.”
“It’s a small device that is inserted into body orifices and is programmed to seek out those internal pain centers or, if your interests run that way, pleasure centers.”
“It stimulates pain centers while the person is stretched out of the rack?”
“The feelings of helplessness and submission are amplified that way.”
“Zenites are legal, I assume.”
“Absolutely. They are carefully programmed and, if things aren’t to your liking, easily extracted.”
“Not, I gather, if you’re on the rack.”
“Quite so.”
“What are these shackles hanging from the ceiling?”
“They are our strappado bondage sets, the experience seeker has their hands bound behind them and their wrists are raised towards the ceiling. This forces them to bend forward and lower their head, creating a sublime sensation of helplessness and exposure.”
“Are zenites used in strappado as well?”
“If the experience seeker wishes it.”
“I see a wide assortment of paddles, whips and other restraints. Are some of these electronic?”
“The electronic whips are quite delightful, though most are the old fashioned type.”
“Do many of the boxers from the gym sample your tortuous delights?”
“I think they get their share of sadomasochism in the ring, Holly.”
“Do you have androids here, Lola?”
“I have several.”
“How do you get them to inflict pain on your clients?”
“Oh no. They don’t work in that capacity, Holly. They operate the clerical and accounting side of the business.”
“I see. Though I bet some of your clients would like to beat the shit out of a robot from time to time.”
“They’d have to bring their own android for that. Even I couldn’t afford to have an expensive robot damaged.”
“Any idea what’s happened next door at the gym? It’s deserted.”
“It’s been like that for a couple of days.”
“I saw a Riz Security Guard at your door, why the need for such heavy security?”
“We guarantee the safety of our clients, Holly. That’s why we’re the most popular establishment in Adana.”
“I can well believe it. Thanks Lola for the instructive tour.”
“My pleasure. I hope to see you here one evening to sample our delights.”
“I’ll think about it.”

There you have it viewers. A former popular gym is deserted, and a BDSM parlor right next door is a hive of activity. I’ve tried to contact Biff Conlon, President of the Adana Boxing Federation for comment but I’m told he departed Adana yesterday for a meeting with the Allied Central Boxing Federation in order to secure Adana’s representation at the next Olympic Games. Good luck Biff.

This is Holly Barberossa, observing for The Adana Observer.

The Adana Observer, for all your news.
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Breaking News! #15
Port Security too busy to defend Adana from violent robots.

Eye witness report by The Adana Observer’s award winning reporter, Holly Barberossa.

I’ve had the good fortune to run into Riz Gitto, retired head of Port Security and CEO of Adana’s newest private security firm and I’m asking him to comment on Port Security Commander Kala Dacolteir’s extraordinary response to my requests for an interview.

“What do you think, Riz?”
“Well, Holly. The Commander has the responsibility of providing for the safety and security of the ten thousand or so inhabitants of Adana. It’s a big job.”
“Is she up to it do you think? Is that why your security firm has become so visible lately? Can’t Port Security handle it alone?”
“I’m just satisfying a need, Holly.”
“I understand your reluctance to be critical of a former colleague, the one who replaced you, but I can’t help but feel that the Commander’s response is, well, Riz, is she under too much pressure?”
“I have the utmost confidence in her ability to do the job.”
“I read on your spn site that you’ve quadrupled your security personnel over the last two months.”
“That’s right, Holly. It’s been a busy time. I’m very proud of our achievement.”
“I can’t help but notice that your expansion comes hot on the heals of the increase in Port Authority crime statistics.”
“As I said, Holly. I’m just satisfying a need.”
“What do you make of the Commander mentioning that Kitali are stealing zappers? I was not aware that their pilfering had reached that stage.”
“There have been some scattered reports, but I can’t fathom it either.”
“Tell me, Riz, do you believe that a syndicate tampering with robot anti-violence programming poses a significant danger to the citizens of Adana?”
“Well, Holly, I’ll have to side with the Commander on this. Of the range of problems she’s handling right at this minute, a sport of this kind, no matter how distasteful it may appear, would be way down on my list as well. Unless it escalates, I wouldn’t be devoting too many of my meager resources to deal with it, not with civil unrest at its current high levels.”
“I guess uncovering the depth of potential threats is my job.”
“And you do it so well.”
“So, with me handling the investigations, and you handling security at the coal face, the Commander can sleep easy and be assured that Adana is in safe hands.”
“I couldn’t possibly comment on that Holly.”

There you have it viewers. In the public interest we’ve decided to publish the Commander’s intranet response to my requests for an interview. The full communication can be found on our spaceportnet site: spn.TAO.org

This is Holly Barberossa, observing for The Adana Observer.

The Adana Observer, for all your news.
For vision of Holly Barberossa’s other reports go to The Adana Observer at spn.TAO.org
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