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Monday, December 31, 2007

Internal Reflections Out Now!

My latest erotic paranormal, Internal Reflections, is out now from Whiskey Creek Press and can be found at:


Story Summary:
Mixing with murderers and underworld thugs, undercover cop Detective Sergeant Jessica Raith thinks she’s seen it all, but when she falls under the spell of paranormal researcher, Professor Lance Vaio, she enters a completely new world of danger.
Investigating the horrific murder of an aged clairvoyant she goes undercover to determine the suspicious link between the victim and the professor.
Slightly psychic herself but not aware of her potential, Jessica agrees to participate in a series of paranormal experiments. Close proximity to the gorgeous professor gets her hormones buzzing and she commits the undercover agent’s cardinal sin of falling in love with her suspect.
Attracted beyond reason to Lance, an avowed skeptic, Jessica enters a magical world completely outside her experience and together they face an enemy as old as humanity.

Sample Chapter For INTERNAL REFLECTIONS by Mikala Ash
Our eyes locked for a long moment.
His were the brightest, clearest blue I’d ever seen. Normally, I would’ve assumed they were artificial, but somehow he just didn’t strike me as a slave to fashion. Maybe it was his brown corduroy trousers and the pale checkered shirt buttoned tightly at his neck that convinced me he wasn’t a metro-sexual.
Most of his drab ensemble was, thankfully, hidden by his brilliantly white lab coat. The frame that supported the fashion disaster was, however, all gorgeous and all man.
Professor Lance Vaio was a head taller than me, which is something, because I’m not short. He possessed an imposing form, straight backed and broad shouldered, and his manly bulk seemed to fill the room. The golden tan of his face accentuated the whiteness of his perfectly even teeth that gleamed when he smiled. A tangle of unruly jet black hair tumbled over his collar, giving him a wild boyish look even though he must have been in his early thirties.
His eyes, I decided, were entirely natural, which made him much more alluring. Those blue, almond-shaped orbs and my inventory of his impressive physique had set in motion a lot of physiological reactions that made my pussy tingle.
This was not how I usually reacted to a murder suspect, but this beautiful man was, it was clear to me, no ordinary suspect.
I tried unsuccessfully to tear my gaze away. My own image, crisp and clean, was reflected back to me by those blue depths. It was as if he had captured my soul and I was staring out at the empty husk of my body from behind the glass cage of his eyes.
“Tell me, Miss…”
“Miss Raith.” He lowered his eyes to his clipboard, releasing me from imprisonment, but only for a moment.
I dropped my hands to my lap and pressed my knuckles down on my pussy, hoping to contain the lusty tingling of my clit. Suddenly, I was in the middle of an erotic daydream, imagining the professor kissing my clit while he snaked his probing tongue inside my swollen pussy lips. My juices stirred and I shook my head to release myself from this unexpected, but not unwelcome, carnal vision.
“Miss Raith?”
“You looked as if you were ill for a moment. Are you all right?”
“Perfectly, Professor. I’m perfectly well.”
He nodded and I noticed his eyes had momentarily landed on my breasts from which my swollen nipples poked through the flimsy material of my blouse, shamelessly begging for his touch.
He shifted in his seat and cleared his throat. He dragged his eyes down to his clipboard. “Let’s begin. Miss Raith, do you ever experience moments of déjà vu?”
I licked my lips. “Constantly.”
He ticked off a box on the form. “Ever experienced the sensation of people staring at you?”
His eyes flicked back to my cleavage and he gave a slight nod as if my response didn’t surprise him in the slightest. He ticked another box. “Have you ever guessed who is calling you on the telephone before you pick it up?”
This was getting spooky. “Surprisingly often.”
“Do you believe you have telepathic abilities?”
I smiled in what I hoped was a seductive manner. “Now, how did I know you were going to ask me that question?”
His lips curled into a boyish smile and he ticked off another box. “Telekinesis?”
I recalled the slamming door when my last beau and I broke up years ago. I’d been standing two meters away when it crashed shut and shook the wall. “Occasionally.”
He glanced at my face before ticking the box.
“I have a lifetime ban from the Billiards Association of Australia,” I added, suddenly remembering my expulsion from the poolroom of my local pub.
He nodded thoughtfully. “Have you ever had prophetic dreams?”
“Nightmares, some of them.”
He ticked the box. “Could I ask your motivation for responding to our advertisement?”
This was my only real lie. “Credit points for my degree in Criminology.”
The sound of his pencil scratching along the comments section of the form filled the room, and I hoped it covered the staccato beating of my heart. The blood pumping through my veins gave me a sensual rush I hadn’t experienced in years, if, in fact, I ever had. My whole body felt suddenly alive and my senses buzzing. My erect nipples were still poking painfully through my sheer silk blouse, and my pussy was swelling with lust. I crossed my legs.
I forced myself to concentrate on my objective. The problem was that Professor Lance Vaio, Director of Psychology at the University of Terra Australis, was my objective.
©2008 Mikala Ash

cheers from down under

Mikala Ash
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