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Saturday, October 27, 2012

new Flash Fiction challenge at Changeling Press

Psychic trick, deadly treat

It was Halloween, an anachronism given my location; a habitat on Epsilon Hydra IV, a small and unlikely planet orbiting a complicated system of stars.

I was homesick and the memories of Wil and I rolling beneath the sheets on this day ten years ago plucked at my breast and brought hot tears. Erotic images of our sweaty bodies locked in hot embrace gave way to jaw dropping surprise and anger when his wife barged into our hotel room.

Who would’ve guessed the love of my life was a cheater?

Hence my banishment to a planet 135 light years from Earth. So I was surprised when the hatch buzzer sounded and I found a cloud of the local life form, bee like hive creatures, coalescing into the spitting image of Wil.

His gorgeous lips curled into that same boyish smile which had seduced me.

I pulled my flamer and reduced him to a pile of smoking ash.

Who would’ve guessed those cute little bees had hidden their psychic abilities. They were deceivers, and I’d given them what they deserved, just like I’d given Wil.

(c)2012 Mikala Ash

Cheers from Down Under

Mikala Ash

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