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Friday, November 02, 2012

New Flash Fiction: Love Asscendant by Mikala Ash

The Changeling Press group has a fantastic Flash Fiction challenge. Here’s my effort (a little longer than the 150 word goal – but I couldn’t help myself).

This week’s theme: Love in an elevator


Love Ascendant by Mikala Ash

I open my eyes and I’m in a building I’ve never seen; an immense atrium with a cold marble floor and tall thick columns rising into an unseen but inevitable vault. Bright light falls from the ceiling like a mist.

A familiar ping of an elevator’s arrival draws my attention.

The uniformed operator gives me a welcoming smile and, surprisingly, I find myself smiling with recognition; pale gray eyes, straight nose, square jaw and the proverbial shock of sandy hair. My heart, unexpectedly thumps inside my chest. Ethan, youthful and unchanged.

Ethan. I do not calculate the years - too many to dwell on.

I step into the elevator.

“You’ve taken your time,” he says and presses an arrowed button.

“You said you’d return,” I reply as the door slides shut. “I waited.”

“I know.” He takes me in his arms. “Beyond my control.”

The kiss is unlike the thousands I’d imagined in those thousands of solitary nights. Firmer, sweeter, the promised passion greater than I’d ever dreamed.

The kiss seems to last forever as our upward journey continues. He breaks the sublime touch of his lips and gazes long and lovingly into my eyes.

“What next?” I ask, literally breathless.

His smile is full of promise. “Just you wait…”

©2012 Mikala Ash

Cheers from Down Under

Mikala Ash

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