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Sunday, January 27, 2013

'Id' by Mikala Ash

My latest contribution to theChangeling Press Flash Fiction Challenge:

Flash Fiction Challenge: “Id” by Mikala Ash


“Well, Officer, it was like this…”

My voice petered out. How to explain being attacked by a creature from the Id? My Id, to be precise.

“Spare me the crap!”

Fuck it! “Then I deny everything.”

“So, you deny being found in the park, with your duds on the ground, and with your poor excuse of a dick waving in the breeze, writhing about moaning and groaning…”

“I deny it. I want a lawyer.”

The cop shook his head, clicking his tongue like a disappointed parent. He leaned towards the cell door and spoke confidentially. “You know it has gone viral, don’t you?”


“The video of your little display. Already two and a half million hits, and it’s only been up for two hours.”


“Senator. Can I quote you on that?” said a voice from the shadows. It belonged to a prick of a demon journalist.

“Double fuck!”

    Id II
“Senator Graham?”

An absolute stunner stood on the other side of the bars. The dark business suit didn’t disguise her voluptuous figure, or the fact that she wore a shoulder holster. Her long dark hair was pulled back into a pony tail, and I imagined pulling on that glossy mane while… “You’re not my lawyer.”

She flashed a badge. “Agent Neith, PDD.”

“You took your time.”

“We have a few things on our plate at the moment, sir. I need your cooperation.”

I gazed at her ruby lips thinking I’d do anything she asked for a single kiss.

“Cancel your lawyer.”

“I can do that.” She had the most captivating eyes, obsidian with bright flecks of jade. “I have a few problems; a damn video and the damn press.”

“Consider them fixed, though first my associate has a few questions.”

From out of the shadows stepped a vampire.

Triple fuck!

Can anyone serve two masters?

The ethical conflict between being an investigative journalist and cooperating with the Paranormal Defense Department enveloped me, reminding me of the cloying stench of road kill.

I dove into the pool to wash off away the hypocrisy.

According to Agent Neith, the Senator was the innocent victim of a creature from his Id, and letting him off the hook had deprived my newspaper of the scoop of the century. I felt genuinely bad about that.

I closed my eyes and floated on the surface.

Familiar hands grasped my ankles, and pulled me backwards through the water. My lover spread my legs, and with urgent fingers ripped aside my bikini, exposing my pussy to the determined assault of a plundering cock.

I opened my eyes. Though the body was undeniably male, the face gazing back at me was mine.

“Hi,” I murmured.

“Hi,” I murmured back.

©2012 Mikala Ash

150 words … yay!

Cheers from Down Under

Mikala Ash

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