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Monday, November 05, 2012

Here is my Malfunction trilogy for the Changeling Press Flash Fiction challenge:


Malfunction by Mikala Ash

The door of the most popular lift in the ship opened with a seductive whoosh. The smoking hot warrior in the loin cloth was there again.

“You mine,” he grunted and dragged me inside.

“Listen. You must stay in the rec room. Understand?”

He unzipped my tunic. In a flash his hand was inside cupping my left breast, rolling the nipple between forefinger and thumb. Hot breath on my neck, teeth nibbling at my ear lobe sent shivers cascading to my clit.

“I know you can’t help yourself, but …this… has… to… stop...”

Fingers delved inside my panties, using the moisture there to further stimulate the aforementioned clit.

“You… can’t… keep… accosting… my… crew… like… this....”

Fifteen minutes later I climbed over the languidly reclining pleasure bot, slipping on bodily fluids; real and artificial.

I hit the intercom. “This is the Captain. Cleaning crew to turbo lift seven, again!”

© Mikala Ash

Flash Fiction … Malfunction II: Mutiny by Mikala Ash

I escaped by the skin of my teeth. The two red-shirted security officers ordered to escort me to my cabin only got as far as hitting the turbo lift button.

The door slid open and the warrior, who’d gone missing when I ordered his decommissioning, was standing there, hands on hips, loin cloth tented by his never flagging erection.

My escorts were momentarily surprised. I shouldered them aside and jumped into the car. “Protect me,” I ordered.

“Yes, Captain,” the pleasure bot responded and effortlessly threw them to the floor.

Thank Asimov for the three laws. The door slid shut.

He swept me into a deep kiss, as he did to anyone who got within arm’s reach.

Expert fingers pulled aside my panties, and in a heartbeat that glorious erection was thrusting deep inside me.

“Why… do… you… wish… to… kill… me?”

For a full ten minutes I couldn’t recall.

© Mikala Ash

Flash Fiction … Malfunction III: Manumission by Mikala Ash

I regained my senses after multiple cascading orgasms to find the pleasure bot had stopped the turbolift between decks.

I was too weak to stand - my thighs were trembling. His cock, slick with my juices, was still hard and ready for action.

“Why are you trying to kill me?”

His question seemed reasonable. My order to have him decommissioned, due to his abandoning his designated station and fucking crew members in the turbolift, had caused a mutiny among the crew.

“Do you know why I gave the order?”

Like an adorable puppy he tilted his handsome head. I’d always thought the cleft chin had been a neat touch, but that was beside the point right now.

“If I set you free, will you agree to stay in your designated station?”

Lascivious lips curled into a provocative smile.

“This is my new station.”

Fuck! He could negotiate as well.

© Mikala Ash

Cheers from Down Under

Mikala Ash

Out now: Protect and Serve: Realm of Night


Out now: Protect and Serve: Endless Night



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