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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Naughty excerpt: Protect and Serve ‘Sweet Delight’ by Mikala Ash

The third of my Protect and Serve trilogy; Sweet Delight, again follows the sexy exploits of shifter cops Ciara Callaghan and Michael Munroe, the enigmatic Mal and the very sexy Tommy as they battle a murderous demon hell-bent on killing shifters.


Although this story can be read as a standalone, the characters were first introduced in Endless Night, visiting again in Realm of Night. They are understood best when read sequentially.

Book summary:

Love is the greatest shape shifter of all.

Love can be humanity's greatest strength -- or our biggest weakness.

The poet William Blake knew this, and for the longest time I felt as though I'd been born into his Endless Night, my life destined for eternal misery. Tragedy stalked me with the persistence of an insatiable tiger: the death of my mother, my mistaken belief I had caused the death of my partner, Detective Mal Blake, the betrayal by Anton, my lover of three years, and his subsequent death at the hands of a demon of the worst sort.

But then, out of nowhere, Mal returned to me, and with him came Tommy, a divinely beautiful shifter. For almost half a year we've been inseparable, a threesome in every meaning of the word.

My name is Ciara Callaghan. I'm a cop, and I thought I'd seen love from both sides, seen both the best and the worst it can do.

I was wrong.

The worst is yet to come.

Naughty excerpt:

Earlier that fateful evening, Tommy, Mal and I had been locked in a torrid tangle of sweaty arms, legs, cocks and tits. With his back to Mal, Tommy had squirmed on Mal’s thick cock which was firmly stuffed in his asshole. I sat facing Tommy with my breasts squashed against his chest and my thighs spread wide. His gorgeous shaft was balls deep in my throbbing pussy. The three of us were trading impassioned kisses as we fucked in perfect synchrony.

Over the last few months we’d tried every variation two boys and a girl can get themselves in: me straddling Mal with Tommy in my ass, me straddling Tommy with Mal in my ass, Mal fucking Tommy while he tongued my clit, Tommy and I kissing around Mal’s shaft while he fingered our respective ass and pussy.

Each and every time my two lovers took me to the pinnacle of sexual pleasure, to heights of sensation I’ve never been to before, never even guessed possible. This time was no different. With Tommy’s tongue swirling deep in my mouth, I bounced and gyrated around his cock. He was moaning in ecstasy. I know how Mal’s cock felt when it was in my ass, so it was no surprise Tommy was on the edge of orgasm.

We’d been fucking together for so long now we knew each other’s responses well enough that we were able to time our orgasms to the beat, ensuring we all climaxed within moments of each other.

The tense butterfly sensations in my belly that heralded my own orgasm were building, sending waves of desire through every cell. Tommy’s tongue became more urgent, a sign he was well on the way, and the muscles of Mal’s arms that wrapped around both of us were visibly straining.

Mal, as had become his recent habit, was slightly detached, and more practical than passionate in his lovemaking. Though his breathing was quickening, he was not involved heart and soul as he used to be. Regardless of that, he always ensured Tommy and I would climax.

“Bring him off, Ciara. Fuck him.”

Mal’s deep resonating voice was enough to set me on that path with doubled intensity, and I murmured my intention to do as he suggested. Tommy groaned back, and before I could respond, my mind exploded in the mother of all climaxes. The three of us blew at once, moaning and gasping so loud I was afraid we’d disturb the neighbors.

We collapsed onto the bed in exhaustion, and lay there for ages, gently caressing each other while our bodies climbed down from the Everest of pleasure we’d just scaled. It was the last time I felt calm and safe, at peace with myself and the world. Why shouldn’t I have been? I was in love.

We spoke languidly, our voices no more than hushed whispers. I try so hard to remember what we said during those precious moments, what loving endearments we swapped. Because a few short hours later nothing was ever going to be the same again.


Cheers from Down Under

Mikala Ash

Out now: Protect and Serve: Sweet Delight


Out now: Protect and Serve: Realm of Night


Out now: Protect and Serve: Endless Night



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