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Friday, April 20, 2007

CONTEST !!! Name a Ship !!!

In my Rain Catcher series, of which Rauni’s Mistress (available now from Changeling Press) is the first, I have Tobin and his crew battling the Aqua Corp, a giant water harvesting corporation that employs underhand tactics, including pirates and assassins against the independent Water Catchers.

The stakes are high in this future world which is plagued by the effects of global warming; devastating droughts, rising sea levels and environmental refugees. The price of fresh, clean water is astronomical. Desalination Plants and Recycling feed struggling industries, but fresh drinking water is at a premium.

In the first episode… well, I won’t let the cat out of the bag, but there’s plenty of steamy romance and hot loving under very trying circumstances.

I need your help at this point.

I’m drafting the next instalment and I’m stalled in the midst of a dramatic confrontation in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I need the name of a ship, another Independent Rain Catcher, which competes head to head with the Rauni.

Her captain, the one-eyed April Joshua, is Tobin’s bitter enemy and a thorn in Tobin’s side. She’s tough, she’s beautiful and she’s not to be trusted. April Joshua operates on the wrong side of the law and she has designs on the Rauni not to mention Tobin who has a bit of explaining to do to Roxy.

So, I’m looking for a name of her ship, a giant Rain Catcher that is going to muscle in on Rauni’s territory.

Let your imagination run free and submit as many as you wish.

The Prize?

A Mikala Ash release of your choice: Rauni’s Mistress, A Slave To Lust, A Political Animal or Eden’s Reprise, or one of Steve Boiseman or Lexxie Couper’s Changeling Press releases.

Send your entries to: mikalaash@yahoo.com.au

Closing date to the competition is 10.00 pm, May 10, 2007 (Australian Standard Time)

Cheers from down under