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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Killer Attraction

Coming soon from Whispers Publishing

A quick update

I've been a bit quiet lately, hardly on the reader loops let alone updating Mikala's Missives, but to keep you in the picture:

I'm currently going the galley proofs for Darke Secrets to be published by Whiskey Creek Press as a Torrid Teaser.

I've also just completed a predit proof of Killer Attraction for Whispers Press.

The Body Politic, the second of my Lupus Populus werewolf erotica for Changeling, is going through the final motions for publication very soon.

I also submitted Silver Bullet to Changeling for consideration as a Hot Flash.

I've just started a erotic historical set in Whitechapel 1888, no prizes for guessing what it's about, but there will be some sexy twists.

I've completed a shapeshifter novel, working title: Escape, but it needs a fair bit of polishing to make it readable.

So, I'm exhausted just listing those, I have to say that writing is such fun.

Cheers from down under