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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Busy time - Big year next year

I've been very, very busy.
I have quite a few WIPs just finished with some in the editorial stage with Changeling and Whiskey Creek Press.

Slave to Lust, an erotic novella with Changeling Press

Internal Reflections, a paranormal erotic novel with Whiskey Creek Press

Rauni's Mistress, an erotic novella (Part One of the Rain Catcher Series) aimed at Changeling Press

Darke Sojourn an erotic Torrid Teaser(a sister to Darke Secrets which is scheduled for release by Whiskey Creek Press later enxt year)also aimed at Whiskey Creek Press.

So, I have five titles ready to go next year with more to come.

I've been on a tremendous roll despite working two jobs.

Having a great time.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Mikala's Tiny Tease Installment Three

Mikala’s Tiny Tease.

Evac from Lusty Seven
By Mikala Ash
© 2006

A Sci-Fi erotic serial for the readers of Mikala’s Missives.

Installment Three

Katja could hardly stand, her thighs were still trembling from Weapons Specialist Pfc Robson’s carnal onslaught.
The marine watched me with those determined eyes as he wiped the sweat off his body with a rag of dubious origin. He threw it to Katja who proceeded to wipe her juices from her inner thighs. She was breathing fast, from exhaustion and now a degree of anxiety. We had to get dressed and prepped for going on sentry duty outside, where death stalked the unprepared and unwary.
My painfully erect nipples gave Robson’s eyes a focal point and my pussy pulsed with a sultry wave of desire. He casually stroked his cock, still erect and glistening; he pointed it at me and laughed.
Why not? I asked myself. Katja’s words, The Colonel won’t mind, still burned my thoughts.
She’d recognized my feelings for the Colonel that first day, back at Halfway Station. She’d seen my stunned stupefaction when the Colonel and his troops marched into the loading bay, all resplendent in their crisp clean uniforms, weapons gleaming with promised destruction, their eyes cold. They were all so young. The Colonel, thirty five by my reckoning, looked twenty if he was a day.
I wondered if Katja had detected my instant desire, sensed the surge of pheromones my body must have emitted at that frozen moment of recognition.
“Wow! He’s a hunk,” she’d whispered, then gazing at my expression said, “Mason, have you had the pleasure?”
I’d shooshed her, not wanting to remember the pleasure and the pain of my last meeting with the Colonel.
Katja’s hand had brushed my back then went lower to caress my ass cheeks. Even through the thick material of the military leggings we’d been issued, her caress sent welcome waves of desire through my stunned body.
“The troops look virile as well,” she’d whispered again. “I cant wait to get that one between my legs.”
She’d already picked out Weapons Specialist Pfc Robson as a fuck buddy and I approved her choice. He looked like he might even come close to satisfying her insatiable libido, but only time would tell.
I returned my gaze to the Colonel as the official introductions to Professor Bellinghousen were made. A few moments of pleasantries and then the Professor was escorted along the ranks of soldiers. What he was saying to the marines she couldn’t guess and didn’t care. Her eyes were locked onto the Colonel’s imposing form; the dark black hair cropped close to his attractive skull, his slightly lopsided ears, his only fault if you forgot the ragged scar that dissected his right cheek which was, in moments of passion, so arousing to stroke with a finger tip or wetted tongue. His torso was an inverted triangle, wide shoulders tapering down to a trim waist, slim hips and long muscular legs.
He was a perfect specimen.
The inspection of the troops over, Professor Bellinghousen then led the Colonel to inspect the Science Survey Team.
Katja squeezed my buttocks. “Here he comes,” she whispered conspiratorially. “My pussy’s wet, how’s yours?”
My heart quickened. Butterflies the size of eagles pummeled the walls of my empty stomach. The loading bay went in and out of focus. I feared I would faint, make an idiot of myself by sinking to the floor, convulsing in the throes of an imaginary orgasm.
“Doctor, Katja Serhainian,” I heard the professor say.
“Pleased to meet you, Colonel,” Katja said, shaking his hand. “I’m looking forward to a good trip.” Her voice was so calm and assured.
“So do I,” he relied, his voice like honey dripping off the tip of a knife.
“Doctor, Mason Wilde,” the professor said coming to me.
The Colonel held out his hand. I took it. It was hard, firm and warm.
I looked into his beautiful grey eyes. “Peter,” I said. “Good to see you again.”
The pleasant smile disappeared from his luscious lips, the eyes darkened and the firm jaw set. “Doctor Wilde,” he said formally.
“You’ve met?” the professor asked, surprised that my circle of acquaintances would include one as illustrious as the Colonel.
I opened my mouth to say so but the Colonel beat me to it.
“A long time ago, in a place far away,” he said. “It’s here and now, Professor. We have much to discuss. I have some concerns about the equipment inventory you wish to take with us. I would like to discuss that now, if I may.”
“Of course, Colonel.”
I stared through glistening eyes at their retreating figures. Katja returned her hand to my buttocks. “What’s Peter got up his ass?” she asked.
I couldn’t answer.
“Hey sweetlips,” Weapons Specialist Pfc Robson said. “You cumming?” he stressed the u in coming to make his intentions clear.
I blinked myself back to the here and now. The Colonel won’t mind, echoed in my brain. I gave the marine a half smile that I knew turned men on with the promise of future pleasure.
He smiled shyly, he was, despite his rampant shaft, which was now safely secured inside his battledress, only a boy. He would make sure he wasn’t more than ten centimeters from me all through our watch, and for that I would be grateful.
And afterwards? The Colonel won’t mind.

To be continued.
© 2006 Mikala Ash