Mikala's Missives

A modest manifest of missives to keep readers up to date on works in progress, coming soon releases and where to get my books as well as some free stories when I get time to post them.

Friday, May 18, 2007

May Update

I've been very busy of late, I'm 40,000 words into my paranormal, sci-fi adventure Escape which is going well.
Dogberry my werewolf romance has been accepted by Whisper's Publishing and I start on the forst round edits very soon, the first thing to do for it is a more romantic title.
It's all very exciting, and tiring.
I also completed another installment of Mikala's Tiny Tease a week or so ago, and will post it directly.
The Body Politic is out in August from Changeling, as is Darke Secrets with Whiskey Creek publishing.
I have to tidy uip my Christmas story for Changeling as well in the next few months.
I've had two interviews published, one in the Cheeky Changeling and one with my most excellent freind, Lexxie Couper.
It's all go here in Mikala World.

Cheers from down under