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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hi Everyone

Just finished the first draft of "Endless Night" for the most excellent series, Protect and Serve" for Changeling Press to be released in July. 

Back page blurb (unedited)

My name is Ciara Callaghan. I’m a cop.

These things I believed to be true:

I loved my partner, Detective Malcolm Blake. Three years ago he was incinerated. Was it my fault?

Everyone thinks so, and so do I.

Everyone has secrets. Mine is; I’m a shape shifter.

Everyone lies; especially those who say they love me.

Demons exist; and they can be found where you least expect them.

Those things I believed to be true, but believing something doesn’t necessarily make it fact, especially where love is involved.

Welcome to my endless night.

Readers may recognise the title ... I refer to William Blake at the very beginning of the story (unedited excerpt):

Endless Night


Mikala Ash


Three years ago

I can relate only too well with poet William Blake’s, Auguries of Innocence. In the beginning when we enter this world kicking and screaming, we do not know if we are meant for his ‘sweet delight’ or the misery of ‘endless night’.

The thought of a predetermined future scares the crap out of me because sweet delight doesn’t appear to be on my dance card.

In my experience quality of life can be measured by the depth of the crap you happen to be standing in. I took a step into the Marianas Trench of crap at Mal’s funeral. I detest attending funerals. I’ve attended far too many. However, in this particular instance I was grinning mischievously when I knocked three times on the varnished wood of my partner’s coffin.

(c)2012 Mikala Ash