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Friday, December 29, 2006


Well, not quite but close enough.

It's been a big year, two stories published by Changeling Press, Eden's Reprise and A Political Animal and I thank everyone who read them and gave me such positive comments. Changeling has two kore under contract, Slave To Lust and Rauni's Mistress, both are the first instalments of a series and I'm looking forward to doing a couple of each in 2007.

Whiskey Creek have two under contract; Darke Secrets and Internal Reflections, the latter a novel and I'm hoping it will get into print, fingers crossed.

I've got two more stories in first draft form - Darke Sojourn and Sodom Revisited, aimed at Whiskey Creek and Changeling respectively and both are follow ons for the two short stories already done for them, sos again fingers crossed.
Gremlin World is another series I have planned - it has potential, I think.

So I have a great year, thanks to Lexxie and Steve and Karen, Dakota Cassidy, my editor at Changeling and, of course,all my readers.

Have a great NYE and 2007 guys.


Monday, December 04, 2006

Mikala's Tiny Tease - Installment Four

Mikala’s Tiny Tease.

Evac from Lusty Seven
By Mikala Ash
© 2006

A Sci-Fi erotic serial for the readers of Mikala’s Missives.

Installment Four

Weapons Specialist Pfc. Robson snapped the tether onto my belt, tested the connection and nodded to me. I noted how quickly his visceral carnality had been supplanted by cool professionalism. I wondered how long that would last once we were outside.
I tethered myself to Katja who gave me a resigned frown before kissing me quickly on the mouth. Then she snapped on her helmet, tested the tether and picked up her pulse rifle.
We checked each other’s weapons, helmet locks and carried out a terse communicator test. Giving each other an overly confident thumbs-up we readied ourselves at the hatch. Robson cycled the airlock open and we stepped out into the humid twilight of the forest.
Lusty Seven is an eerie place. The planet-wide forest consists of a bewildering array of plants and trees, the most impressive being the hundred meter giants that disappeared into the layer of yellow mist that swirled nauseatingly ten meters above the ground.
Squelching carefully through the sucking sludge we made our way to coordinates twenty-three fifty-six and took over from Beta squad. The trio were glad to see us and equally happy to get the hell out. They had endured four hours of mind numbing anticipation and were, one muttered under her breath, as horny as hell and needed to fuck each other’s brains out in the safety of the Dome.
Without a word we took up our position in a foxhole on the defensive perimeter. Robson checked in with the Dome and we settled down for our watch. A hundred meters from our position the sensors and robotic guns scanned the wall of trees and would, if the sensor fence was tripped, project a searing curtain of fire.
Robson sticks close by me, his desire tangible. His bulk shadows me from Katja who I desperately want to hold tight against me and gain comfort from her soft pliable body. God, I want her. I shook my head to dispel the unexpected thought.
Robson leans against me and I fancy I can feel his body heat through his battledress. It is an illusion, like my desire for Katja. They are the clear sign that the flux has a grip on my amygdala.
Silently I cursed the flux, the mysterious field that stimulates the sex and fear centers of the brain. I wish we had had more time to study it, to design and build a shield. But the attacks are so ferocious, so sudden and so complete we have little enough time to defend ourselves, rest and indulge our demanding libidos.
Robson took his hand off his pulse rifle and rested it on the inside of my thigh. It is warm and comforting. I leave it there. After awhile his fingers walk towards the juncture of my legs. I open them, an involuntary invitation which he accepts. The pressure of his fingers sends waves of pleasure coursing through my body. My nipples push out against the inside of my armor and my pussy is a pool of liquid heat.
Without taking his eyes from the distant perimeter of flashing markers he opens my armor at the waist and his fingers wiggle their way in like sensual worms until they find my clit and slip easily into my pussy.
I stifle a groan. I grip his wrist holding him still. He turns his head to me and I look into the visor of his helmet. I see myself dimly reflected. Helmet and visor only, no sign that there is a terrified human inside.
“I want to fuck you,” Robson says simply, his voice tinny in my earpiece.
Katja, I see around his shoulder, is watching us, rubbing the juncture of her thighs. “Go for it,” she said. “I’ll keep watch.”
The Colonel won’t mind. The thought drums inside my head. I licked my lips. I wrestled with my body’s desire. My pussy was pulsing rhythmically begging for him to fuck me. My clit was aching for his touch. “No,” I said finally.
Robson wriggles his fingers inside my cunt. I groan helplessly.
“Remember you’re the marine,” I murmur.
“I know,” he said and I sense the helplessness in his voice. He is a victim of his libido and I tell myself he can’t help it. Under the influence of the flux his amygdala is firing a million beats to the second. Just like mine and just like Katja’s.
“It’s the flux,” I told him. “It affects our libido. The field is stronger when there’s only three of us to dampen it. It drives us wild with lust.”
“I know it,” he says pulling his hand away from my pussy. “I’m sorry.”
“It’s a precursor to an attack,” I continued, buttoning up my battledress.
“I know it.”
I tightened the grip on my pulse rifle. I was wet between my legs and my nipples screamed with unfulfilled desire. My mouth was dry. The last thing I was ready for was a fight to the death.
The wraiths came suddenly. There were dozens of them gliding through the misty forest. Projections of the human collective unconscious they may be, but the wraiths are the most desirous of creatures. They are ethereal, beautiful, terrifying. My body aches with a desire I’ve never known before. I want them to take me, make love to me and satisfy me completely. It is an overpowering force, a primordial desire that sets every nerve end singing for a touch.
The robotic guns erupt in orange fire and the wraiths scream and rear up in anger.
“Colonel,” Robson reported, his voice impressively calm. “This is Squad Gamma at twenty-three fifty-six. We have multiple wraiths coming in from the North West.”
“Roger that.” It is Hinkles, the bitch that’s fucking the Colonel. I hate her so much I want to pull out my knife and slit her throat from ear to ear. “All units report in. Beta you have permission to fire at will and fall back to prepared positions.”
“Fuck your permission!” Robson yells and stands up to fire at the wraiths that have broken through the robotic firewall.
Katja and I stand up too. I scream and open fire.
“Fall back.” the Colonel’s relaxed voice comes on line. He is cool, calm, collected and my fear and anger abates.
We are standing as one as the wraiths twist and writhe between the lethal beams of our weapons. They scream and fall but there are always more to replace them.
Suddenly they are upon us and I am flailing at them, striking them with the butt of my rifle. Strong hands grip my armored chest and rip open the carbon fiber with a strength that is literally inhuman.
A sinewy hand sneaks between my legs and presses upwards against my sex. It grips me cruelly and the wraith flips me over and I land on my back. The air is crushed out of my chest as a wraith falls upon me, straddles me and clutches at my helmet.
I look up into the handsome face and stop struggling. In a moment I drink in his luscious lips, square jaw, straight nose and deep gray eyes. The jagged scar draws my eye. He is the Colonel. I open my legs for him and he grins triumphantly.
I resent the smugness and recover myself. “You are not real,” I shout and immediately know my error. “There is no you, it is an illusion of my amygdala!”
The Adonis masquerading as the Colonel laughs. “Too late, little one,” his deep voice resonates through my fearful brain. “I am your lover.”
“Fuck off, you slimy fucker! She’s mine!” It is Robson holding the barrel of his pulse rifle against my lover’s head.
“No!” I scream.
I kick out at him, connect with his knee and Robson falls to the ground.
My lover laughs and picks me up like I am a feather. “Sleep,” he commands and all becomes blackened dreams.

To be continued.
© 2006 Mikala Ash