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Monday, April 19, 2010

Private Eyes Coming soon from Changeling Press

Private Eyes, my new erotic paranormal adventure is coming soon to Changeling Press.

Here is an unedited taste:

Private Eyes


Mikala Ash


In her superb nakedness the young woman’s aura is slate gray with pale shades of pastel flowing like watercolor in the rain. She’s not evil by any means; a tad narcissistic perhaps like many just out of their teens, and occasionally petulant, though not obscenely so. She’s neither wholly good nor completely bad, but like the rest of us, simply hovering in-between. A desolate childhood has left her unsure of herself and her sensuous smile, as provocative as it is, betrays her vulnerability. She needs be loved, to have the frigid emptiness in her center thawed and filled. She needs to feel complete.

Of the tall man that stands before her, she doesn’t see the blackness of his heart or the writhing tentacles of malignancy that swirl frenetically about him like tattered pendants caught in a raging storm. She has no way of comprehending the danger she is in. All she knows is this gorgeous man wants her and, as often in life, that selfish desire to be wanted overcomes all.
As wonderfully naked as the young woman, like a magnificent predator closing on its pray, the man glides purposefully towards her. He takes her hand and draws her to him, enveloping her in strong, possessive arms. She responds eagerly and the pulsing, pale azure of her desire is absorbed in the sable darkness of his rippling mantle.

She raises her face to him, her bright blue eyes glistening with guileless expectation. As his lips claim her, she flings her arms about his neck and surrenders all reason to all consuming passion.
With her breasts crushed against his chest, her open mouth works hungrily against his lips and their tongues join in a wanton and lusty embrace. Methodically, his strong, hard hands caress her flanks from beside the fullness of her breasts to the pert curve of her hips.

Gripping her narrow waist he effortlessly hoists her upwards. Instinctively she opens her thighs and he lowers her onto his huge and aggressively erect phallus. She clings to him like a storm tossed sailor atop a swaying masthead and, to make their joining complete, she locks her ankles behind his back.

She moans into his mouth in surprise at the size of him and the pleasure it gives her to have her inner flesh so stretched and full. He drags her hips downward until their loins are joined and using his tight grip upon her waist to move her, he takes her with ferocious energy.

She cries into his mouth, with sensual pain at first and then, as waves of pleasure cascade through her trembling flesh, her cries turn to sighs of ecstasy.

Within her, his organ swells and with mighty pulses fills her with his dark essence. Her own climax comes upon her suddenly as if it was a hidden volcano long constrained by the unsuspecting earth, held at bay until the hot forces beneath became uncontainable and, with the explosive energy of Krakatau, erupts. A deep and urgent moan escapes her throat at the unknowable pleasure of it, but her cries are muffled by his all consuming mouth.

Lathered in sweat they collapse onto her bed, the slate and the pitch, entwined. She kisses his mouth. “I love you,” she whispers. “I’ve always loved you. From the first moment I saw you.”

He doesn’t answer and she lays her head on his chest and falls asleep, content, for now the void within is warm and full.

Silent, he lies beside her like a frozen shadow, awake and brooding, his ebony eyes staring at the ceiling and seeing who knows what.


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