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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Romanace Studio gives Political Expediency 5 hearts!

The wonderful Dee Daily from the Romanace Studio gives Political Expediency 5 hearts!!!

Political ExpediencyMikala AshParanormal erotic romanceAvailable from Changeling PressISBN: 978-1-59596-992-7April 2008

For decades the Wolfen Council has been trying to set up a coup that will give them control of the world.

The election of Serena as Prime Minister threatens to thwart their plans.

Ms. Ash gives us an interesting story of political intrigue. She takes a lot of the hot topics of today such as global warming, nuclear power and political coups and gives it to the vampires and werewolves to deal with. Ah, if only we could do that!! But, this is fiction and darned good fiction.

Sometimes Ms. Ash just lets the sex pheromones help determine how history will be shaped!

Serena, Jack, Kelvin, Catriona are all such well done characters that it doesn’t seem too hard to believe Serena and Catriona could help to bring down the evil forces. Kelvin is well done as a globe trotting peacemaker who indulges in a lot of introspection about his relationships when he isn’t having hot sex with someone or several someones. Jack takes his job as spouse of the PM seriously and helps her cope in interesting ways.

I think this novel does a great job of telling a story that can either just be an escape from reality or tongue in cheek bit of reality about the world around us!

Overall rating: Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Dee DaileyMay 8, 2008