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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Merry Christmas everyone

Hi everyone,
I’ve been missing in action for awhile – let me tell you, the real world has seriously interrupted my fantasy life! I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things in 2012 and here is a little unedited taste:

Club C
Mikala Ash

This was definitely not my type of place.
A densely packed audience in various stages of undress stood watching couples athletically copulating on elevated stages. The performers were illuminated by strobe lighting and accompanied by loud thumping music. The air reeked of sweat and sex.
I hesitated at the door of ‘Club C’ to calm my nerves and reinforce my resolve. I had to go in. I had no choice; however that reality didn’t comfort me at all. I gritted my teeth with determination.
Something growled behind me and I stepped aside. I glanced over my shoulder. A bosomy blonde in spandex bikini sans top gave me a gap toothed smile. It had been the mandog on the leash which had growled at me. I looked down at him. Though still in human form he was muzzled. Apart from that and the studded collar he was completely naked. I couldn’t help but register he had not an ounce of fat, he was all straining muscle and anger.
“Sorry, he’s a real bitch just before he,” she patted his head, “… you know.”
He looked up me with big brown eyes. “It’s ok,” I murmured, feeling sorry for his plight.
She flicked me a curious glance and I felt a wave of glamour sweep over me. With that moment of compassion, as slight as it was, I’d given away my nature. “You don’t belong here,” she said, letting her gaze travel from head to feet, pausing at my throat.
A shaft of cold fear lanced through my belly.
She ran her tongue along her lower lip, her ebony eyes fixed on mine. “You’re cute and not without courage. That’s an attractive combination. If you need to, find me, ask for Sylvia.”
“Thanks. Maybe you can help me? I’m looking for Alex, Alex Ross.”
“I don’t know that name.”
It had been a long shot anyway. I tried again, “what about Dimitri?”
Her expression hardened. “Maybe you’re not brave at all, just stupid. I’ve changed my mind. Don’t bother to seek me out at all.”
She yanked on the leash and shouldered past me. The mandog growled and shot me a glance as he was dragged away. Not unexpectedly, that look told me it was I who was the one being pitied.
©2011 Mikala Ash

cheers everyone, have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!